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BaileyMonkeyGiggling Baby

Contributed by: Amie Bailey (Wiota, IA)

 ← (CLICK image for detailed view) I have only been decorating for about 9 months and decided to try my hand at figure modeling.  These Giggling Baby Monkeys were my first attempt.  They are made from marshmallow fondant and are only about one inch high.    I colored the fondant with gel colors, then added some highlights by dusting with cocoa powder.  I used a picture to get some ideas for the small details and I started shaping each piece separately. The eyes were painted with cocoa and a little water.  The fingers are toes were shaped by making small cuts in a ball of fondant, instead of actually constructing them individually.  They were so much fun to do and I can't wait to do it again!  

Over the Hill ?

Contributed by: Cathy Snyder (Lake Butler, FL)

I needed an "Over the Hill" cake for my cousin's 40th birthday and I do not like the tombstones and black themed cakes. I used a rectangle pan and a wonder mold pan, made a winding road up the hill but "straight downhill" on the backside. With candymelts and cookie cutters the road signs 20, 30 (on a small hill made from trimmings from the large hill), and Oh, No, the big, 40, and Oldhagsville 20. Over the hill pops from my mold. She has horses so I made some candy clay horses with royal icing teeth laughing at her. The fence,

                                               trees and car were also royal icing.

                       Wedding & Baptism Cakes

                     Contributed by: Diane Burke (CT)


Hi - I wanted to share these pictures with you -  the first is a shower cake I made for a friend, it was a 2 layer 12" square, with a 2 layer 8" square, covered with fondant, and I made my first gumpaste bow for the top!  The bride to be was thrilled! The second is a cake I made to celebrate a Baptism, I used a candy mold to make the plaque as well as the cross, and dusted both with gold luster dust.  I used gold sugar around the edges.        Thank you,    Diane Burke 

                                        Unique Wedding Cake

Contributed by: Lisa (Bloomington, IN)

I'm submitting a unique wedding cake that I did for a client recently. She's a designer, and wanted a PINK wedding cake. Although I thought it looked quite garish in my log-home really looked nice in the reception setting. She had a transparent pink/rose runner over the cake table, pink and red roses for centerpieces, and little red boxes filled with red-hots and tied with tiny red bows for favors. She also had clear, flat votive holders with red tea-lights as accents. I was horrified when she originally told me about the cake, but she pulled it off beautifully! Here's the cake! For more information feel free to contact  Thanks!

Sharon's Sugar Shack

Contributed by: Sharon (Mandeville, LA)


Editors Note: Sharon also has her own web page to show her original creations. To see many more delectable treats go to Sharon's Sugar Shack at 

(click on either photo for more details)

Hello, I just discovered this wonderful corner of your website. I would like to submit some things I have made showcasing the wonderful chocolate molds I have gotten from Candyland Crafts.

Here goes: The above left and right photos (click either for more details) show respectively: a 3D church scene molded from chocolate for a first communion. and  a chocolate plaque and baby booties molded from chocolate for a baby shower cake. Some of my recent favorite creations include: (1) A cake topper made with  molded white chocolate in a horse theme. Silk flowers were added. The bandana ribbon was made on my computer and printed out on edible icing sheets, than applied to the fondant covered cake. (2) This cake was for a little girl celebrating her birthday at the local carousel. The horses and the plaque they are standing on were molded chocolate. I used my edible icing sheets molded into a frame to make the message plaque. (3) Using a 3D rocking horse mold as a shower cake topper, one for a boy and another one for a girl.  (4) These are favors for that first communion party, boy and girl chocolate figures on pretzel sticks. (5) A customized business card made with edible icing sheets molded with chocolate in a business card mold (6) An edible photo of a birthday boy molded into a chocolate sicker, and (7) A chocolate pour box with monogram filled with little chocolate mints.

I guess you can see how much I love using my chocolate molds, and I love the selection and service from Candyland Crafts. Thank you for looking, Sharon.