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Creative Pastries!

Contributed by: Maria Short

Short: Fairy Tale CastleMy name is Maria Short, owner and creative force behind Creative Pastries.Short: Ballet Box
The art of baking and its potential for limitless creativity has always been my passion. "Celebrate life's special moments with the delicious artistry of Creative Pastries." On the left is a Fairy tale castle wedding cake.... Dreams really can come true ....A sugar castle that can be kept as a favorite wedding momento, sits atop a three tier confection. A graceful stairway carved from cake and adorned with rambling roses completes the story.  On the right is a Sculpted ballet box cake for a ballet mistress's birthday. You can see these and more at my web site, here>

Turtle Crossing Cake

Contributed by: Lisa S. (Murfreesboro, TN)Turtle Head: Lisa Schrader Cake

Turtle Cake: Lisa SchraderWhat a great idea! I really enjoyed reading the other contributions to the corner. I thought I would share my Turtle Crossing cake with everyone. I made it for my Mother who's an avid turtle lover. If she sees one crossing the road, she stops to help him to the other side. This cake is made using a 2.5L Pyrex Bowl for the body, 4 mini-egg shapes for the legs, and fondant that I sculpted to look like the turtle's tail and head. To get the shell pattern, ILisa Schrader Cake: Details traced squares on the turtle's back and piped around the inside of each square with butter cream. I used green butter cream and spatula-striped the bag with brown and black to get the color variation. The head and tail are sculpted around dowel rods and then scored with a sharp blade. I then painted them with green food coloring. Next time, I'll make his head bigger but

 overall I was happy with the design and, most importantly, Mom loved it!                                         Lisa

Pumpkins for Sale Cake

Pumpkins for Sale

Contributed by: Elizabeth M. (Murfreesboro, TN)

This cake is made with two 8 inch rounds stacked for the barrel. I made the indentions in the barrel with the edge of a large spreader. The pumpkins are individual cupcakes stacked on top of each other. I made the large lines on the pumpkins by piping the icing on using a ziploc bag with a hole cut in the end. Then I just added the stems and leaves. I was inspired to make this cake when we took our son to the pumpkin patch this year and I thought that the "pumpkins for sale" would make a great cake.

Nephews 1st Birthday

Contributed by: Bethany D. (Abington, MA)

For my nephews first birthday I wanted to make him a special cake.  I have always loved to bake but don't really have the time anymore.  His train theme was inspiration for his cake, which I made using a sheet cake pan and then cut out the shape.  I used cupcakes for the larger wheels and fondant covered cake for the smaller wheels.  I started with a crumb coat first and then used a combination of fondant and icing to complete the cake.  It was a huge hit (good thing- it took me a while) along with the cookie favors I made.  The cookies were made of shortbread which I made the week before.  I iced and decorated them with royal icing the day before his 1st birthday party!  I have created similar cookies for my sister's baby shower in which we added sticks and made centerpieces.  I have also experimented with chocolate- making these mini fudge wedding cakes (from Martha Stewart) for a friend's bridal shower.  I still would like to take classes someday but in the meantime helping family out is just as much fun!!


I love your site- not only do you have a great selection of everything but your helpful instructions and hints are lifesavers.


Sincerely, Bethany