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Electric Candymelter Palette

For the artist that would like all the colors melted at once

Candymelter Palette


The Candymelter Palette is a low temperature palette designed to melt chocolate and compound wafers for decorating candy molds. Includes 10 different holding cups with 10 lids for easy storage and is designed for years of use.


It is a very effective tool because it eliminates the the problems of water contamination,and prevents the possibility of overheating and measures 3" x 11".


Using it is easy Plug it in, add coating wafers to cups, stir occasionally and paint your molds


The Candymelter Palette is a sturdy aluminum extrusion with heater in a stainless steel casing, and carries a one year warranty by the manufacturer.


Candymelter Palette (CK83-150)  $51.99  Qty:       

For optimum results use

Merckens Rainbow Wafers


Wilbur Confectionary Wafers