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Candy Pearls For Decorating

Candy Pearls add a special touch of "class" to your treats.


The approximate number of candy pearls in each bottle varies according to

the size, as follows: 4 mm = 800   5 mm = 400   6 mm = 200   8 mm =100


1 mm is about 1/32"; the size of a small letter o, like this → "o".

A 7mm dragee is about 1/4" in diameter; or the size of a pea)

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Candy Pearls - 4 oz. -  $4.19ea. (Color may vary slightly between sizes)

White Candy Pearls.

White          4mm      (4MMWH)    Yes:Qty:

White          5mm      (5MMWH)   Yes: Qty:

White          6mm      (6MMWH)    Yes:Qty:

White          8mm      (8MMWH)    Yes:Qty:

Pink Candy Pearls.

Pink            4mm       (4MMPK)   Yes:Qty:

Pink            5mm       (5MMPK)   Yes:Qty:

Pink            6mm       (6MMPK)   Yes:Qty:

Pink            8mm       (8MMPK)   Yes:Qty:

Blue Candy Pearls.

Blue            4mm     (4MMBL)      Yes: Qty:

Blue            5mm      (5MMBL)      Yes:Qty:

Blue            6mm      (6MMBL)      Yes:Qty:

Blue            8mm      (8MMBL)      Yes:Qty:

Yellow Candy Pearls.

Golden          4mm   (4MMYE)    Yes: Qty:

Golden          5mm   (5MMYE)    Yes: Qty:

Golden          6mm   (6MMYE)    Yes: Qty:

Golden          8mm   (8MMYE)    Yes: Qty:





Candy Pearls

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