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Christmas Standard Baking/Cupcake Cups

Festive designs for cupcakes, muffins and more

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Standard Size: 2" diameter x 1 1/4" high

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"Foil Cups"

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"Solid Colors"

Standard red cups with snowflakes.


(No pan needed)

32 Per Pkg.   $4.59



Standard cupcake paper with Santa.


75 Per Pkg.   $2.09


Yes:Sold Out

Standard gingerbread boy cupcake papers.

Gingerbread Boy

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Standard snowflake cupcake papers.


45 Per Pkg.   $2.69



Silver cupcake papers with white swirls.

Silver with White Swirls

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Standard Holly Cupcake Papers.

Standard Holly Cups

50 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Standard "Santa's Beard" Cupcake Papers.

Santa's Beard

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Standard grey snowflake cupcake papers.


75 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Standard "Seasons Greetings" Cupcake Papers.

Seasons Greetings

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09


Yes:Sold Out

Standard Red and Green Cupcake Papers.

Standard Red and Green

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Standard Christmas assortment cupcake papers.

Holiday Assortment

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09


Yes: Sold Out

Standard Trees and Snowmen Cupcake Papers.

Trees & Snowmen

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09


Yes:Sold Out

Standard Jingle Bell Cupcake Papers.

Jingle Bell Cups

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Standard Secret Santa Cupcake Papers.

Standard Secret Santa

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Standard Frosted Fun Cupcake Papers.

Standard Frosted Fun

75 Per Pkg.   $2.09



Holiday Assortment Standard Cupcake Papers. 6 Designs.

Holiday Assortment

150 Per Pkg.   $4.99


Yes:Sold Out

Standard Christmas assortment, soft colors.


Holiday Assortment

150 Per Pkg.   $4.99



Standard Christmas cupcake papers, bright colors.


Holiday Assortment

150 Per Pkg.   $4.99


Yes:Sold Out

Standard and mini cupcake papers in a wreath package.

Standard & Mini Asst.

150 Per Pkg.  $3.99



Red and green stripe nut cups.

Red & Green Stripe


2" x 1 1/2" deep.

24 Per Pkg.   $3.49






These are foil lined baking cups so the cup stays bright and colorful!

Candy cane design standard color cups.

Candy Cane

36 Per Pkg.   $2.99


Yes:Sold Out

Starlight mint Candy color cups.

Peppermint Color Cups

36 Per Pkg.   $2.99





Christmas Cake And Candy Making/Decorating Links

Frozen logo  Featuring Olaf! Seasonal candy making, cookie and cupcake supplies.

Sale Candy Making Kits  Great for gifts, projects or if you're a beginner.

Sale Christmas Bags & Boxes  Great designs for Holiday treats.

Sale Christmas Bakeware  Aluminum, Cast aluminum and silicone.

Sale Christmas Cookie Cutters  Single and sets.

Sale Christmas Cookie Pans  Lollipops, business cards, whoopie pie pans and more.

Sale Christmas Cupcake Papers  A great combination of standard cups, combo packs.

Bags - Shaped & Confectioners Foil  Cute designs for wrapping holiday treats.

Bags  Festive designs to wrap your holiday goodies.

Bags for Breads and Cookies  Larger bags for breads and cookie tray sets.

Bags for Lollipops and Pretzels  Festive designs to wrap lollipops, pretzels and holiday goodies.

Bakeware  Aluminum and non-stick. All in fun shapes.

Bakeware  Pantastic (Plastic) and silicone.

Baking Cups Mini  Festive designs for mini cupcakes and bon bons.

Baking Cups Standard  Festive designs for cupcakes, muffins and more.

Baking Cup Combo Sets  Cupcake decorating sets for great cupcakes, even when you don't have much time.

Books  Holiday books for great ideas and inspiration.

Boxes" Dueer Golden Electra Boxes" & Molds  Fancy Holiday boxes designed to fit specific chocolate pieces.

Boxes "Quality" Paper and Direct Pour  For cookies, candy and other holiday treats. Also great for gift giving.

Boxes "Wilton"  For cookies, candy and other holiday treats. Also great for gift giving.

Cake Pop and Treat Pop Supplies  Cake pop kits, molds, sticks and treat pop kits.

Candy & Lollipop Molds  Wilton Christmas molds. Also links to our mold catalog.

Cookie Cutters  Comfort grip, single cutters, metal and plastic.

Cookie Cutters  Ann Clark - Christmas cutters with recipes, Some available all year.

Cookie Cutters  3 piece cookie cutter sets. Coated colored metal.

Cookie Cutters  Mini, nesting and cookie cutter sets. Also a set designed to hang on a glass or mug.

Cookie Cutter Sets  Cookie cutter gift sets, linzer tarts, Houses and sets.

Cookie Decorating Kits  Transform plain round cookies into spectacular holiday cookies. Also great for cupcakes and treats.

Cookie Pans  Beautifully detailed pans for cookie wreaths, giant cookies, spoons, sticks and more. 

Cookie Scoops & Cookie Presses  The right tool for the right cookie.

Cupcake Boxes & Display Stands  Decorative winter cupcake boxes and Cupcake / dessert stands.

Cupcake Picks  Make decorating cupcakes, brownies, cakes and more, fast and easy.

Cupcake Rings and Cake Tops  Dress up your desserts and play after your treat is gone.

Elf On The Shelf  Cookie pans, cupcake papers and kits, bags and boxes.

Gingerbread Houses and Kits  Pre baked, and pre-baked and assembled.

Hard Candy Lollipop Kits  Great for beginners.

Icing Supplies  Food colors, pens, sprays, ready to decorate icing, cookie icing, sparkle gels and edible glitter.

Sprinkles, Nonpareils, Sugars  Includes peppermint crunches, nonpareils, sugars and jimmies.

Sprinkles Sets and Confetti's  Includes sprinkle and confetti sets and Holiday confetti's.

Icing Decorations, Wilton  Adorable icing designs for candy, cakes, cookie and more.

Icing Decorations Hand Made  Really really cute, to decorate anything. All hand made.

Sugar Decorations  Very cute decorations for decorating candy, cakes, cookies and more.

Molds for Chocolate or Soap  Available year round.

Twist Ties  Printed for the holidays.