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Decorating Tip Sets

Ateco and Wilton, quality tip sets at great prices

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10 pc.large round tip set.

Round Pastry Tips

Perfect for writing, outlining, lace, decorating cupcakes and more.10 stainless steel tips. Openings: 5/32" - 11/16".

(AT-810)      $16.99     Yes:Qty:

10 pc. large star tip set.

Star Pastry Tips

Perfect for stars, rosettes, zig-zags, shell borders, cupcakes and lots more. 10 stainless steel tips. Openings: 5/32" - 11/16".

(AT-830)      $16.99     Yes:Qty:

10 pc. large french star tip set.

French (Fine) Star Pastry Tips

Same as above but each tip has more teeth for more grooves in design.10 stainless steel tips. Openings: 5/32" - 11/16".

(AT-870)      $16.99     Yes:Qty:

10 pc. large closed star tip set.Closed Star Pastry Tips

Make great drop flowers, borders, ruffles, rosettes, drapes and more. 10 stainless steel tips. Openings: 5/32" - 11/16".

(AT-850)      $16.99     Yes:Qty:

Ateco 12 pc. large tip set.

Large Tip Set

A great combination of popular large tips for all types of decorating. 12 seamless/rustproof tips. Includes (4) plain, (3) star, (2) closed star, (2) French (fine) star, (1) cake icer, and a tip cleaning brush, all in a plastic storage box.

(AT-786)      $31.99     Yes:Qty:

Left handed petal tip set.

Left Handed Petal Tip Set

Includes #59L, for violets. #97L, for Victorian roses and #116L for large roses.

(418-612)   $3.29   Yes:Qty:

Left handed drop flower tip set.

Left Handed Drop Flower Tip Set

Includes #106L and 107L for swirled flowers.

(418-613)   $3.29   Yes:Qty:

Standard coupler.

Standard Coupler

Fits all decorating bags & standard tips.

(411-1987) $.79 Yes: Qty:

Standard coupler rings.

Coupler Ring Set

Get extra rings & don't throw away your coupler.

(418-47306) $2.19  Yes: Qty:

Large coupler.

Large Coupler

Use with large decorating tips & 14" to 18" bags.

(411-1006)      $1.79      Yes: Qty:


Disposable Decorator Bags  From Ateco and Wilton. Includes bag holders and ties.

Decorator Bags  Polyurethane, plastic coated, canvas and international. Includes bag holders and ties.

Decorating Sets, Wilton  Includes cupcake and dessert decorating sets.

Decorating Sets, Ateco and Wilton  A terrific selection for cakes and foods.

Home Courses, Student Kits and Books  Great for learning on your own time.

Icing Sculpting Combs & Smoothers  Make butter cream icing smooth or create graceful scallops, bold bands & delicate ridges.

Individual Decorating Tips

Russian Tips  Make beautiful flowers in just one step.

Ateco Ruffle Tips  Easy to use and makes great looking ruffles.

Basketweave Tips  For icing cakes, making baskets and all types of stripes (smooth or ribbed)

Closed Star Tips  Create deeply grooved shells, stars, flowers and fleurs de lis.

Drop Flower Tips  Lots of sizes, plus larger sizes work well for cookie dough.

Leaf Tips  Make very realistic leaves. Also use for shell-motion borders.

Multi-Opening Tips  Make rows, clusters of strings, beads, stars and more.

Open Star Tips  Use for stars, drop flowers, finely ridged flowers, large sizes good for cookie dough.

Petal Tips  Make realistic flowers, roses, also ruffles, drapes, swags and bows.

Round Tips  For outlines, lettering, dots, balls, beads, string work, lattice and lacework.

Ruffle Tips  Excellent for plain, fluted, shell-border, special effects, and more.

Specialty Tips  Make shells, ropes, Christmas trees, ring candle holders, and more.