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Helpful Information for Cake Decorators and Candy Makers

Recipes, How to, Measurements and if your a beginner


For Beginning Cake Decorators and Candy Makers  A selection of the most popular items(from instructions to packaging) - a great place to start!

Candy Recipes  Peanut butter filling, coconut filling, chocolate covered cherries, simple fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, Basic Cream Center, Candy Clusters

Chocolate Facts & Fiction Some chocolate history, interesting facts, links for more info too.

Chocolate Molding  How to make 3D (hollow) or solid chocolate candy.

Chocolate Molding Techniques  Basic chocolate guidelines, dos & don'ts, heating, cooling, etc.

Fondant Making & Application  Recipe for rolled fondant, detailed instructions on applying.

Glossary  Complete listing of need-to-know terms and definitions for the cake decorator or candy maker.

Hard Candy Making  Illustrated instructions, requirements, temperature measurement & control.

Icing Recipes  Buttercreme, Poured Icing, Cream Cheese, High Humidity, Royal Icing.

Measurements  Measurement charts: dry weights, volumes, common baking ingredients, candy processing temperatures.

Tempering Chocolate  How do you temper chocolate? Several methods are discussed: Using a double boiler, hand dipping, shaved coating method, 80/20 method. In addition there is a Trouble Shooting Guide to solve the most common tempering problems. If you're looking for a tempering machine so you don't have to do the tempering, Check out The Mini Rev or Rev 2.

Colors for the Cake Decorator

Decorating Color basics & techniques  General principles, color decorating tips (ingredients,temperature & humidity, etc). Decorating products (gels, liquids, powders)

Color Formulas  Basic formulas for making 26 unique colors for pastry decoration



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