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Tempering Machines

Make perfectly tempered chocolate every time

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Candyland Crafts is proud to bring you a selection of the highest quality equipment for tempering chocolate.

These machines are designed and manufactured by leaders in the field, dedicated to the highest standards of manufacturing and engineering bring you a product that will meet the most exacting requirements of the serious amateur or seasoned professional! Perfect control over the process is a critical step to assuring perfect candies.

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ChocoVision's Revolation1 Tempering Machine

A tabletop temperer developed with the serious home candy maker in mind. Bowl is 1 1/2 lb. capacity. There are lots of "problem issues" that can develop with incorrectly tempered chocolate (see link to tempering chocolate below).

 A major advantage with this machine and it's easy to follow features is that it lets you temper dark, white and milk chocolate in minutes,

with top quality predictable results every time.

Chocovision Tempering Machine Rev1



ChocoVision's Revolation2 Tempering Machine

All the features of Revolation1 plus adjustable heat controls,

LED temperature display, bowl pause and overnight mode.

Designed with the culinary professional in mind.

Chocovision Tempering Machine Rev2



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Tempering Chocolate:  Problems & Solutions


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