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Father's Day Supplies For Cookies Cupcakes and Cakes!

Make Father's Day Special, Make it yourself!

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Transportation Cookie Cutters.Decorated Transportation Cookies.

Transportation Cookie Cutter Set

Set includes 3 cutters. Race car, measures approx.1 3/4" x 4".

Airplane measures approx. 3" x 3 1/4".

Train Measures approx.2 1/2" x 3".

(2308-0946)     $3.69     Yes:Qty:

Bow Tie Cookie Cutter.

Bow Tie

3 1/2" wide x 2" high. Center measures 1/2".

(RM-0860)     $.99     Yes:Qty:

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Mustache cookie pan

Mustache Cookie Pan

Great for any occasion. Non-stick for easy release. Includes a tasty sugar cookie recipe on back. 3 designs. Measures approx. 4" long x 1 1/4" x 3/8" deep. Pan can also be used for chocolate.

(2105-2698)    $8.99   Yes:Qty:

Tool Picks.

Tool Picks

Perfect for decorating cupcakes, cakes, brownies and more.

(DP-14290) 12 per pkg.  $1.89   Yes:Qty:

Happy Father's Day Picks.

Happy Father's Day Cupcake/Dessert Picks

A perfect way to celebrate Father's Day! Great for cupcakes, individual desserts cakes and more. Each pick measures approximately 1 1/4" x 2 1/2" tall.

(BC-P-71)   12 per pkg.  $1.89   Yes:Qty:

Mustache Rings.

Mustache Cupcake/Dessert Rings

A perfect way to decorate cupcakes, mousse, ice cream, brownies and more for your dad. Picks measure approximately 2 1/4" wide x 1" high. 12 per pkg.

(DP-15768)   12 per pkg.  $1.99   Yes:Qty:

Masculine "DAD" Rings.

"DAD" Cupcake/Dessert Rings

A masculine ring that can be used for a cupcake, cake, brownies, and more. Each ring is approximately 1 1/4" diameter

(DP-15282)   12 per pkg.  $3.75   Yes:Qty:

Happy Father's Day Pop Top.

Happy Father's Day Pop Top

Make Dad his favorite cake and place this right on top. Makes a great looking cake fast and easy. Top measures approximately. 4" x 5 1/2". Top can also be used for ice cream cakes, brownies and extra large cookies.

(BC-P-70)       $.99     Yes:Qty:

Mustache pantastic pan

Mustache Pantastic Cake Pan

A delightful plastic pan that you can bake in. Withstands temperatures up to 375° F. Perfect for "DAD". Pan can also be used for molding chocolate, gelatin, ice and more. Instructions included.

(CK49-6100)    $9.99   Yes:Qty:

Sugar Mustache Black.

Sugar Mustache


A perfect way to decorate cookies and cupcakes. Made of sugar. Measures approx. 2" x 5/8."

(L-47053)  6 per pkg.  $2.59   Yes:Qty:


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