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Flexible Large Multi-Cavity Molds

Great for mints, butter, marzipan and more!


Molds on this page Are 20 to 25 cavity molds and are approx. 8" square.

(see product image for actual mold dimensions)

Molds are packed with recipes and directions.

# of pieces per lb. of candy is from 38-116 depending on the mold.


Mint Mold Sets  are smaller and are 4 cavities.


Click on product description for image.

Flexible Multi-Cavity Molds $11.99 ea.

Apple Blossoms                                              (CM-126) 25 cavities                  yield = 42 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Booties                                                              (CM-109) 20 cavities                  yield = 40 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Bell                                                                     (CM-102) 25 cavities                  yield = 84 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Calla Lily                                                            (CM-128) 25 cavities                  yield = 38 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Carnations                                     (CM-103) 20 cavities     yield = 52 pcs./lb     On Sale $9.99            Yes: Qty:

Daisies                                                               (CM-101) 25 cavities                  yield = 48 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Easter Chicks                                (CM-104) 20 cavities     yield = 80 pcs./lb     On Sale $9.99            Yes: Qty:

Fruits & Flowers   19 designs                          (CM-114)  25 cavities                 yield = 98 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Graduation  5 designs                                     (CM-112)  25 cavities                 yield = 98 pcs./lb        Yes: Out of stock

Hearts                                                               (CM-118)  25 cavities                 yield = 110 pcs./lb      Yes: Qty:

Leaf (Spearmint)                                             (CM-111)  25 cavities                 yield = 116 pcs./lb      Yes: Qty:

Rose                                                                  (CM-100)  25 cavities                 yield = 74 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Stars                                                                  (CM-107)  20 cavities                 yield = 68 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Squares       For caramel, fondant bars, etc    (CM-130)    20 cavities               yield = 38 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Swirls                                                                 (CM-127)  25 cavities                 yield = 68 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:

Trees  perfect for christmas trees                  (CM-108)  20 cavities                 yield = 80 pcs./lb        Yes: Qty:





1/3 cup soft butter or margarine                      3/4 teaspoon salt

1/3 cup white corn syrup                                1 teaspoon vanilla

3 cups (1 lb.) sifted confectioners sugar     1/2 Lb. almond paste


Add coconut & almond oil and you have an imitation flavoring, scant drop. Blend butter, syrup, salt and vanilla in large mixing bowl. Add sifted sugar all at once. Mix all together. Knead with hands. Turn out on board & continue kneading until mixture is well blended and smooth. Makes about 1 1/3 lbs. Store in cool place. Roll into small balls and push into molds.


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marzipan or almond paste, ready made