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Hanukkah / Passover Cake, Cookie and Candy Supplies

All items on this page certified kosher and available year round.

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Parve Chocolate Baking Bars

Kosher chocolate available in 50 lb. or 25 lb. (Unopened Cases).  Merckens Rainbow Wafers

Candy Molds

For a great selection of  Jewish Candy Molds

Hanukkah colors cookie icing.

Cookie Icing

Use this quick-setting, microwave icing to cover your cookies with a smooth finish. Easy to use. Heat and squeeze onto cookies using the convenient cap. Sets smooth in just one hour. 10 oz. bottle covers approx. 12, 3" cookies. Certified Kosher.


Blue (704-444) $4.99 Yes:Qty:
White (704-481) $4.99 Yes:Qty:
Yellow (704-487) $4.99 Yes:Qty:

Food color sprays.

Color Mist Food Spray

This easy to use spray gives the effects of an airbrush in a convenient can. Use it to transform a plain iced cake, cookies or cupcakes with splashes of color. No mess, taste-free formula. 1.5 oz. cans. Certified Kosher.

Blue (710-5501) $3.79 Yes:Qty:
Yellow (710-5502) $3.79 Yes:Qty:

Tube icing.

Tubes of Icings

Ready to use in a convenient tube. Ideal for small areas of color on character cakes or for adding little bits of color to cakes and cupcakes. Use with the tip set (below). 4.1/4 oz. tube. Certified Kosher.


Royal Blue (704-248) $2.29 Yes:Qty:
White (704-200) $2.29 Yes:Qty:
Yellow (704-236) $2.29 Yes:Qty:

Tip set for tube icing.

Tip Set

Tips easily twist onto Wilton tube icings to create many decorating techniques. Includes Star, Round, Leaf and Petal tips.

(418-621) $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Ready to decorate icing.

Ready to Decorate Icings

Terrific idea. In pressurized cans and ready to use. Just slip one of the 4 tips (included) over the nozzle and start the fun! 6.4 oz. cans. Certified Kosher.


Blue (710-4407) $4.79 Yes:Qty:
Yellow (710-4409) $4.79 Yes:Qty:
White (710-4402) $4.79 Yes:Qty:

Large tub of icing.

Creamy Decorator Icing

Ideal medium consistency. Has a great vanilla taste and easy to color. Yields 9 cups of icing, which will cover three 2- layer  8" cakes, or approx. 60 cupcakes. Certified Kosher. 4.5 Lbs.

White (704-680) $17.99 Yes: Out of stock

Sparkle gel.

Sparkle Gel

Squeeze on sparkling color effects with this very exciting product. Ready to use. Great for messages, dots, accents. Can be used on butter cream icing and fondant. Re-sealable tubes. 3.5 oz.


Blue (704-110) $2.99 Yes:Qty:
Yellow (704-108) $2.99 Yes:Qty:
White (704-107) $2.99 Yes:Qty:

Sugar Decorations and Confetti,

Great for cakes

and candy!

These 3 items

are not Kosher

Sugar dreidles.


Dreidles Sugar

1" x 3/4" Pkg./6


$1.39  Yes:Qty:

Sugar Star of Davids.


Star of David Sugar

3/4" diameter  Pkg./6


$1.59 Yes:Qty:

Star of David confetti.

Star of David Confetti

3 oz. (CON-SOD) 

$2.09 Yes:Qty:


10 oz. (CON-1SOD)

$6.19 Yes:Qty:


Nonpareils are little sugar balls and can be used like sprinkles

Blue 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:
Yellow 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:
White 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:
 Sanding sugars. 

Sanding sugar has a fine consistency, and gives a solid coverage

Blue 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:
Yellow 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:
White 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:
 Course sugar. 

Coarse sugars are larger crystals and gives less coverage

Blue 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:
Yellow 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:<
White 8 lbs. $32.00 Yes:Qty:

Jimmies are also known as the familiar "sprinkles", good for a lot more than just ice cream!

Blue 6 lbs $32.00 Yes:Qty:
Yellow 6 lbs $32.00 Yes:Qty:
White 6 lbs $32.00 Yes:Qty:

Chai Cookie Cutter.

Chai 3 1/4"

(RM-1180) $.99 Yes:Qty:

Menorah Cookie Cutter.

Menorah 3 1/4"

(RM-1182) $.99 Yes:Qty:

Dreidle Cookie Cutter.

Dreidle 3"

(RM-1183) $.99 Yes:Qty:

Torah Cookie Cutter.

Torah 3 1/4"

(RM-1185) $.99 Yes:Qty:

Star of David Cookie Cutter.

Star of David 3 1/2"

(RM-1187) $.99 Yes:Qty:

Jewish Holiday Cookie Cutter Set.

Jewish Holiday Cookie Cutter Set

Comes in a gift box tied with blue and white raffia. Cutters measure approx. between 2 1/4" to 3".

(RM-1948) $8.99 Yes:Qty: