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Hard Candy Heavy Duty (resin) Molds

3-D Pieces & Lollipops Made Easy!

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In addition to hard candy, they can be used with chocolate coatings, marshmallow, fudge, marzipan, caramel and jelly candy!

Each mold comes with detailed instructions and recipe for hard candy. Molds are very tough (approximately 1/8" thick synthetic resin) and will last for many many years.

Only $15.99 each.

All molds include 2 plastic clips to hold mold up wile pouring and 2 metal clamps to hold molds together.

Plastic clips to hold molds up.Metal clips to hold molds together.


Sucker molds also include a plastic bar to hold sticks.

Plastic bar for holding sticks.

Ball Sucker Mold.Ball Sucker Mold

1 1/4" dia.  3 cavities



Ball Mold.Ball Mold

1" dia.  6 cavities


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(This is not a sucker mold)

Small Ball Mold.

Small Ball Mold

11/16" dia.  24 cavities



(This is not a sucker mold)

Bear Sucker Mold.Bear Sucker Mold

2" high  3 cavity



Tree Sucker Mold.


Tree Sucker Mold

2" high  3 cavity



Plastic clips to hold molds up.Plastic Clips

Hold molds up straight for pouring.

4 per pkg.   $3.39 Pkg.

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Metal clips to hold molds together.Metal Clips

Holds molds together.

4 per pkg.   $3.95

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