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 How to Use Navigate/Use this Web Site


We work very hard to make our Web Site intuitive & "user friendly". Rest assured you won't mess it up! Our recommendation is to jump in and surf. 

Navigation is easy. You can (1) surf from place to place by just following the links on all pages (2) use the site map, or (3) you can use our powerful search tool. These answers, and more are found on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.

==> Click here to go to the FAQ page for answers to any of the questions below <==
How do I find what I'm looking for?

How do I place an order?

Can I order by mail or phone?
Is a personal check OK, and how long will it take to clear?
How long will it take to get my order?
 Do you have a toll free number??
What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?
What about security of my credit card & personal information?
I want to talk to a real person!
I can't find what I want.......can you help?
What if you are out of an item I need?
Can I use the molds for hard candy or other materials?
I want a mold but it's not in your catalog, can you get it?
This web stuff is new to me How do I get around your site?
How do you ship? How can I get it the fastest way possible?
Can I order something from the Wilton Catalog?

 ~ ~ Using the Shopping Cart is a snap. See the ordering procedure is below ~ ~

(1) Select the items you want by either clicking on the "Yes" check boxes next to the product description (about 95% of all order pages), or click to select the item from a drop down menu.
(2) Fill in the "Quantity" box
(3) Go to the bottom of the form and click on the button that says "Add to Cart". As soon as you click the Add to Cart button, your item will be added to the Shopping Cart, then you will automatically be brought back to the page you ordered from. At this point you will not be able to "see" your shopping cart.
(4) If you now want to order something else (on the same or a different page) go to that page, or item and repeat the above procedure as needed.
NOTE: You MUST click "Add to Cart" before you leave the page for another one. If you go to several different pages and click to add several items, but only click "Add to Cart" at the end; the ONLY items in your cart will be those from the last page.
(5) You can view your Shopping Cart at any time. Just click on the "View Cart or Check Out" button. It is in the lower left section of all pages (including this one!).
(6) When you are viewing the Shopping Cart, you will then have the option of either checking out, or returning to the site for additional items.

~ ~ ~ Ready to check Out? Follow the procedure below. ~ ~ ~

On the Shopping Cart Page

(1) If you live in NJ, check the NJ Sales Tax box (sorry folks it really wasn't our idea!)
(2) Select shipping location (continental USA, or "other")
(3) Select payment option (credit card, phone or check)
(4) If you have a merchandise credit coupon, enter the number (enter the number exactly, include the letters).
(5) Click the Purchase Button. You will then go to the name & address page.

On the Name & Address Page

(1) Fill in the shipping address blanks. Note ALL spaces (except Customer #) MUST be filled in. If not, when you hit the enter button you will get an error message asking you to please fill in the missing information.
(2) Fill in billing info. if different or click "Same as Above" button.
(3) If you have any special instructions, comments, etc you can add them in the space provided. 
(4) Click the "Enter" button. You will then go to the Secure Payment page

On the Secure Payment Form Page

(1) Fill in the required information, and click the "Authorize Payment" button. You will then see a summary of your processed order. We will send you an email as soon as we are ready to ship (3 days max)
The Back Button on your computer can be your best friend. Although the links on the site are very numerous, and you can actually get around and never have to use the "Back Button", many people are used to using it and find it very handy  indeed!