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Kopykake Projector

Absolutely the easiest way to outline beautiful cakes.

Saves labor and assures error free cake designs for everyone.

This is a quality machine, designed to be used by both the amateur and

professional. The durable steel cabinet and spring loaded telescopic support mount are crafted from heavy duty steel for long life.

Kopy Kake Cake Decorating Projector

Clown cake made with Kopykake projector.

 Make cakes like this!


Easy to Use. Just place any desired original picture (up to 6" x 6"), photo or other image into the projector, project it with Kopykake's unique system to the top of your pre-made undecorated frosted cake. Then with a toothpick draw the cake outlines. That's it! Now just follow the outlines to add your borders, colored sections and other decorations.   


With Kopykake you can enlarge the original image up to 400% (or reduce it by 70%); and the projected image is clearly visible under normal light conditions.


Comes with (2) 250 Watt bulbs, stand, projector, base, 2 disposable bags, Kopykake Designer Set with 70 designs, and ring binder with the full color designer selections ready to use. Lens system is 200mm f 3 and cabinet measures 10" x 10" x 6". Weighs only 9 lbs. Manufacturers Warranty is 5 years.
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 (anywhere in the continental USA).

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