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Party Bags - 4" x 9 1/2"

Colorful party bags add excitement & class to any party favor or gift!

We also have Party Bags for many Character Themes such as Tinkerbell, Barbie, Dora, Spiderman, and many more.

Click image for larger view.

Bags measure 4" x 9 1/2" and are gusseted. All come with color coordinated twist ties.

Use for gifts, favors or cookies. They are brightly colored and decorated,

but transparent so bag contents are visible.

Pirate bags.


(1912-1062)  20/pkg.

$2.09  Yes:Qty:

Frogs and friends bags.

Frogs and Friends

(AM-37094)   8/pkg.

$1.99  Yes:Qty:

Jungle pals bags.

Jungle Pals *

(1912-1012)  20/pkg.

$2.09  Yes:Qty:

Love heart bags.

Love Heart

(1912-2398)  20/pkg.

$2.09  Yes:Qty:

Smiley grad bags.

Smiley Grad

(1912-1130)   20/pkg.

$2.09  Yes:Qty:

Snappy stripes bags.

Snappy Stripes

(1912-1089)   20/pkg.

$2.09  Yes:Qty:

Sparkling hearts bags.

Sparkling Hearts

(AM-37253)  8/pkg.

$1.99  Yes:Qty:

Clear party bags with colorful stars.

Colorful Stars

(1912-2362)  20/pkg.

$2.09 Yes:Qty:

Baby feet bags.

Baby Feet

(1912-1100)  20/pkg.

$2.09  Yes:Qty:

Dancing daisies bags.

Dancing Daisies *

(1912-7813)   20/pkg.

$2.09  Yes:Qty:

Bright festive green bags.

Bright Festive Green

(AM-379500-03)  25/pkg.

$2.19  Yes:Qty:

Bright kiwi green bags.

Bright Kiwi Green

(AM-379500-53)  25/pkg.

$2.19  Yes:Qty:

Bright new purple bags.

Bright New Purple

(AM-379500-106)  25/pkg.

$2.19  Yes:Qty:

Bright orange peel bags.

Bright Orange Peel

(AM-379500-05)   25/pkg. $2.19  Yes:Qty:

Bright pink bags.

Bright Pink

(AM-379500-103)   25/pkg.

$2.19   Yes:Qty:

Bright royal blue bags.

Bright Royal Blue

(AM-379500-105)  25/pkg.

$2.19  Yes:Qty:

Bright apple red bags.

Bright Apple Red

(AM-379500-40)  25/pkg.

$2.19  Yes:Qty:

Bright black bags.

Bright Black

(AM-379500-10)   25/pkg. $2.19  Yes:Qty:

Bright sunshine yellow bags.

Bright Sunshine Yellow

(AM-379500-09)   25/pkg.

$2.19  Yes:Qty:

Sports party favor bag.

Sports Party Bags

Made of heavy paper with a special Velcro closer -completely decorated on both sides.

(1904-1214)  Pkg./4

4 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 4 3/4"

On Sale - $1.00

$2.09  Yes:Qty:

* bags are not transparent



More bags and twist ties

Poly bags, rectangular (gusseted) and triangular (cone) bags

Twist ties and bows