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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876

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A variety of wonderful styles. For one or more tiers!


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Fillable Pillars.

Fillable Pillars

Fill pillars with colorful gems, ribbons, or decorative stones to personalize your cake design. A great way to add colors to a classic wedding cake. Pillars are designed to use with Wilton decorator preferred separator plates. Not recommended to fill with liquid. 4 pillars and 8 pedestals per set.

4"        (303-801)       $7.99     Yes:Qty:

6"        (303-802)       $.9.99    Yes:Qty:

Hidden Pillars.

Hidden Pillars


Designed to separate cake tiers slightly to create a floating illusion. Pushed into tiers as dowel rods, they fit onto all decorator preferred separator plates. Trim able Hollow plastic.


4 Per pkg.    6 "       (303-8)            $3.19      Yes:Qty:

Crystal Look Pillars.Crystal-Look Pillars Contemporary Cut Crystal Look


4 Per pkg.         3"           (303-2171)         $3.99     Discontinued

4 Per pkg.         5"           (303-2196)         $4.99     Discontinued

4 Per pkg.         7"           (303-2197)         $5.99     Discontinued

1 Per pkg.      * 13 3/4"  (303-2242)         $4.99     Discontinued

Grecian Pillars.Grecian Pillars Elegantly Scrolled and Ribbed


4 Per pkg.        3"      (303-3606)         $3.99     Yes:Qty:

4 Per pkg.        5"      (303-3703)        $4.99      Yes:Qty:

4 Per pkg.        7"      (303-3705)        $5.99      Yes:Qty:

Crystal look Spike Pillars.

Crystal-look  Spiked


Spike pillars push into cake to rest on separator plate or cake circle beneath. For single plate cake construction. Contemporary cut crystal look.


4 Per pkg.        7"      (303-2322)          $4.99      Yes:Qty:

4 Per pkg.        9"      (303-2324)           $5.99     Yes:Qty:

Disposable Pillars with Rings.

Disposable Pillars With Rings

These pillars are used for single separator plate construction. (Like spike pillars above) but, include a ring that slides on the pillar from the bottom, then will rest on top of the cake. Gives the impression of standard pillars.

4 Per pkg.         7"      (303-4000)        $3.79      Yes:Qty:

4 Per pkg.         9"      (303-4001)         $3.99     Yes:Qty:

Roman Column Pillars.

Roman Columns


Stately pillars. Great when you want to put a flower display or a wedding topper in the center of your cake. Works best when using a 16" or 18" separator plates.


2 Per pkg.    10 1/4"    (303-8136)          $6.99    Yes:Qty:

2 Per pkg.    13 3/4"    (303-2130)          $7.99    Yes:Qty:

Globe Pillar and Base Sets.

Tiered Cake Using Globe Pillar Sets.

Globe Pillar and Base Sets



The 2" and 2 1/2" sets are designed to separate cakes. Globes fit over hidden pillars to provide a strong support. The 3" set features a reinforced center channel which fits over separator plate feet to hold your base cake.




2" Set: Includes 4 globes and 4- 9"hidden pillars                                 (303-822)           $8.99       Yes:Qty:


2 1/2"Set:Includes 4 globes and 4- 9"hidden pillars                            (303-824)            $10.99    Yes:Qty:


3" Set: Includes 4 globes, for supporting bottom cake only                (303-825)            $10.99    Yes:Qty:


Replacement Hidden Pillars 4 Per pkg.9"                                             (303-4005)         $4.99       Yes:Qty:


Cake Displays, Components and Accessories

Bridge Sets  Bridge and stairway sets. Water fountain for cakes.

Cake Levelers   Create perfectly flat cakes and slice into layers for filling.

Cake and Cupcake Caddies  Carry your beautiful creations in these delightful carriers.

Cake Display Stands  Fancy cake stands, separator stands, tier sets, scrollwork designs.

Cupcake & Dessert Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities. Re-usable

Disposable Cupcake/Treat Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities.

Electric Turntable  Hands free decorating - professional displays.

Flower Display Accessories  Flower display cups, fresh flower spikes and  flower ring.

Lollipop Display Stands  Wooden rack and wire rack.

Plates  Separator plates, round smooth, round scalloped, round crystal look and square.

Pillars  Hidden, crystal look, Grecian, crystal look spike, Grecian spike, disposable, roman columns and fillable pillars.

Plate and Pillar Sets  Crystal look separator set, roman column tier set, dowel rods and plastic pegs.

Turntables  A must for easy decorating.