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Solid Color Curling Ribbon

A high quality, low cost ribbon in over 35 different colors!!!


These ribbons are specially formulated to curl better, be stronger and have more intense color.

Please note that actual ribbon colors may vary slightly from those seen on a computer monitor

Ribbon is 3/16" wide.  Comes in a full 500 yard roll (1,500 ft.) Only $3.99

Color swatches for ribbon color.

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Aqua             (LR-38412)               Yes: Qty:

Nile                   (LR-38393)      Yes: Qty:

Black             (LR-74206)               Yes: Qty:

Orange            (LR-38419)       Yes: Qty:

Brown            (LR-30001)              Yes: Qty:

Orchid               (LR-74214)      Yes: Qty:

Burgundy     (LR-38406)               Yes: Qty:

Periwinkle        (LR-38410)      Yes: Qty:

Cerise          (LR-02745)               Yes: Qty:

Pink                  (LR-74207)        Yes: Qty:

Daffodil          (LR-38382)              Yes: Qty:

Primrose          (LR-74208)       Yes: Qty:

Emerald        (LR-74217)              Yes: Qty:

Purple               (LR-74215)       Yes: Qty:

Gold               (LR-74219)              Yes: Qty:

Red                   (LR-74210)       Yes: Qty:

Hot Pink        (LR-38401)              Yes: Qty:

Royal                 (LR-74213)       Yes: Qty:

Hunter           (LR-38396)              Yes: Qty:

Silver                 (LR-74204)       Yes: Qty:

Ivory               (LR-38381)             Yes: Qty:

Turquoise        (LR-74212)       Yes: Qty:

Lime              (LR-38394)              Yes: Qty:

Vanilla               (LR-74222)       Yes: Qty:

Lt. Blue          (LR-74211)              Yes: Qty:

White                 (LR-74205)       Yes: Qty:

Navy               (LR-38416)              Yes: Qty:

Yellow               (LR-74218)       Yes: Qty:

Fashion Confetti Curling Ribbon.

Fashion Confetti Curling Ribbon        3/8" x 250 yds.

(SW-3800642)     $8.99     Yes: Qty:

Happy Birthday Curling Ribbon.

Happy Birthday Curling Ribbon        3/8" x 250 yds.

(SW-381412)     $8.99     Yes: Qty:



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