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Dusting Powder: Sparkle, Pearl & High lighter Dusts

Give life & realism to your flowers, cakes and pastries

Dusting Powders Index

Please note that actual colors may vary from those shown here due to color scanning and/or the computer monitor used for viewing.  Sparkle, Pearl & High lighter Dusting Powders are  non-returnable.

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Sparkle Dusting Powder (2 gm. vials)

$3.99 Each.     Non-Toxic

Sparkle dust is similar to luster dust in effect, but has a larger grain size & gives gum paste flowers a wet or dewy look, with just a touch of color. Not water soluble. Contains 2 or more of: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Carmine, Mica.

Sparkle Dusting Powder: Apricot

Apricot                      (109)          Yes:Qty:

Sparkle Dusting Powder: Blue

Blue Star Dust           (110)          Yes:Qty:

Sparkle Dusting Powder: Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy             (108)          Yes:Qty:

Sparkle Dusting Powder: Gold

Gold Star Dust           (107)          Yes:Qty:

Sparkle Dusting Powder: Lime

Lime Sparkle             (111)          Yes:Qty:

Sparkle Dusting Powder: Pink

Pink Sparkle              (112)          Yes:Qty:

Sparkle Dusting Powder: White

White Star Dust         (106)          Yes:Qty:

Empress Pearl Dusting Powder (2 gm. vials)

$3.99 Each.      FDA - Approved

Pearl dust produces a shimmery luster. The Super Pearl will give flowers made from colored gum paste a glistening look. When dusted on white petals, the other pearls [green, violet, red, gold and blue] exhibit a subtle translucent or iridescent reflective colored sheen while displaying no apparent or strong color. May be combined with, or applied over, Petal Dust to create custom colors or effects.

Super pearl dust.

Ultra Super Pearl               (49)         Yes:Qty:

Green pearl dust.

Green Pearl                       (51)         Yes:Qty:

Violet pearl dust.

Violet Pearl                       (54)         Yes:Qty:

Red pearl dust.

Red Pearl                          (52)         Yes:Qty:

Gold pearl dust.

Gold Pearl                         (50)         Yes:Qty:

Blue pearl dust.

Blue Pearl                         (55)         Yes:Qty:

Highlighting Dusts (For Decorative Use Only)

High lighters give a very high sheen finish Decorative $3.99 Each

Highlighter Dust: Gold

Imperial Gold              (2 gms.)          (113)            Yes:Qty:

Highlighter Dust: Silver

Imperial Silver             (2 gms.)          (114)            Yes:Qty:


Dusting Powders for the Creative Decorator

Petal / Blossom Dust (49 colors)  Petal Dust is used to achieve deep hues with a matte finish.

Sparkle Dust (7 colors)  Gives gum paste flowers a wet or dewy look, with just a touch of color.

Pearl Dust (6 colors)  Pearl dust produces a shimmery luster.

Highlighting Dusts (silver or gold)  Impart a very high sheen to your creations.

Luster Dust (53 colors)  Luster dusts give subtle colors with a high sheen metallic-like finish.