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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876

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Specialty Pans

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 Wilton is Rated #1 by Good Housekeeping.

Consistently chosen by Baking Professionals everywhere.

Their pans are second to none. 

"Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty!"

Classic Angel Food Pans

Angel Food Pan

Removable inner core sleeve, cooling legs and made of aluminum.


7" x  4 1/2" deep. Pan takes approx. 1/2 standard mix.

(2105-9311)        $15.99 ea.    Yes: Qty:


10" x 4" deep. Pan takes approx. 1 standard mix.

(2105-2525)        $18.99 ea.    Yes: Qty:

Fancy Ring Pan (Bundt Style)

Fancy Ring Pan


Bundt style, ideal for pound cakes and more. Takes 1 standard mix. Made of aluminum.

10" x 3" deep.       (2105-5008)        $13.99 ea.    Yes: Qty: