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Sugar Veil

You Are Only Limited To Your Imagination!  Have Fun!


SugarVeil Icing is a dry confectionary powder with multiple uses in the production of pastry goods and dessert items.

Mixing boiling water with SugarVeil creates a new genre of decorative icing: one which combines the whiteness and fine detail of royal icing, with a pleasant, melt-on-the-tongue, not-so-sweet taste. The stretch and flexibility of butter cream, without the fat. And the piping ease of a whipped icing. All in one innovative product. SugarVeil may be piped on or off the cake, and when set cut with scissors and draped like fabric, draped on to the cake or around a cake or dessert plate. You can tie bows or make flexible lace and clothes. You are only limited to your imagination. OU Kosher Approved.


SugarVeil also makes other products. We can special order any of those items.

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SugarVeil DVDSugarVeil DVD


With Michele Hester. Award winning cake designer.


If you have never worked with SugarVeil, this DVD will give you what you need to learn all about it. You can create things like Bows and ribbons, monograms, flowers, clothing, lace and much much more. No special tools or skills required to master this new and creative product.



(SV20-001)    $32.50 Yes:Qty:

5 oz. SugarVeil Icing Mix.

 3.4 oz. SugarVeil Confectionery Icing.

Has the look of a flexible royal icing, but has quite a different taste: a creamy, melt-on-the-tongue, not-too-sweet, pleasant flavor


Create decorations "off the cake" - Trace and pipe onto parchment

Pipe ornate patterns with ease - icing flows quickly and effortlessly

Decorations are flexible - Peel to apply a continuous border or cake top design

Light and delicate tasting - Add color or flavor, if desired

Long shelf life - Dry powder mix

Contains no fat, dairy, gluten, or artificial additives

(SV20-250K)   $10.59  Yes: Qty:

SugarVeil comb.SugarVeil Comb

Comb through prepared SugarVeil confectionary icing for delectable dessert details which can drape onto a cake or plated dessert. Select one of the four edges for a variety of designs. Instruction sheet is included with the comb. Measures 6 7/8" x 4 1/2"

(SV-20-200k)    $13.99     Yes:Qty:

SugaeVeil Mat.

SugarVeil Confectioners Mat


11" x 16" dual sided, precision-engineered, intricately detailed silicone mat. One side consists of thread-like, incised lace designs. Smooth SugarVeil over the incised designs. When set, peel beautiful lace lengths to wrap around cakes, and cupcakes, or cut sections from the lace to place on cookies, chocolate, and other desserts. The reverse side of the mat is for smoothing a thin layer of SugarVeil to produce matte-finish SugarVeil bows. Also includes Idea pamphlet and dvd.



(SV20-500)       $79.99    Yes:Qty:

SugarVeil Flower Lace Mat.SugarVeil Flower Lace Mat

11" x 16"dual sided, precision-engineered, intricately detailed silicone mat. A large, amazingly delicate net pattern with flower detailing and scalloped edge. Drape over cake tiers for a sheer, see-thru effect, or cut into strips and gather for decorative ruffle edging.

(SV34-SV505)   $79.99    Yes:Qty:



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