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Oils, Flavorings and Extracts Index


LorAnn Gourmet Oils

are highly concentrated and unsweetened and will add that delightful flavor

that makes any candy, chocolate or baked treat absolutely irresistible.

A tiny amount is all that's needed. 5 drops will flavor a whole pound of chocolate!

LorAnn’s undiluted super-strength flavorings are specially formulated for optimal results in hard candies, chocolates, fudges, frostings, baking and specialty confections.

Over 70 Flavors Available!

Quite simply - they taste the very best!

Concentrated flavors for Candy, Chocolate & Confectionery coatings!

Premium Flavored Oils

A to E

Premium Flavored Oils

F to Z



Almond Oil

Amaretto Flavor

Anise Oil Natural

Apple Flavor

Apricot Flavor

Banana Creme Flavor

Black Walnut Flavor

Blackberry Flavor

Blueberry Flavor

Brandy Flavor

Bubble Gum Flavor

Butter Flavor

Butter Rum Flavor

Butterscotch Flavor

Caramel Flavor

Cheesecake Flavor

Cherry Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

Chocolate Hazelnut Flavor

Cinnamon Oil

Clove Leaf Oil Natural

Coconut Flavor

Coffee Flavor

Cotton Candy Flavor

Creme de Menthe Flavor

Eggnog Flavor

English Toffee Flavor

Grape Flavor

Keoke  Coffee Flavor (Kahlua type)

Lemon Oil Natural

Licorice Flavor

Lime Oil Natural

Maple Flavor


Mint Chocolate Chip Flavor

Orange Oil Natural

Peach Flavor

Peanut Butter Flavor

Peppermint Oil Natural

Piña Colada Flavor

Pineapple Flavor


Pralines & Cream Flavor

Raspberry Flavor

Root Beer Flavor

Spearmint Oil Natural

Strawberry Flavor

Tropical Punch Flavor

Tutti-frutti Flavor

Vanilla Butternut Flavor

Watermelon Flavor

Wintergreen Flavor

These flavors are specially formulated for use in chocolate

Canadian Maple


Creamy Hazelnut

Irish Creme

Nutty Amaretto

Orange Brandy

Royal Raspberry

Strawberry Banana


Washington Cherry

Concentrated Oil Candy Flavoring Sets

Wilton: Peppermint, Cherry, Cinnamon, Crème De-Menthe

LorAnn: Cinnamon, Citrus, Fruity, Mint, Spice, Tropical

Flavoring Emulsions

LorAnn's flavoring emulsions are characterized by a rich, long-lasting flavor.

An excellent choice for flavoring all of your homemade baked goods including cookies, cakes, sweet breads and pastries, as well as for frosting, glazes, fondants, fillings, cream centers and other confectionery items.


They come in 5 delightful flavors:

Almond Natural - Butter - Lemon - Orange - Sweet Citrus/Vanilla

General Purpose Baking Flavors

General Purpose Baking Flavors are perfect for cookies, angel food cakes, sauces, coffee, pie crusts, ice cream, beverages, pie fillings, custards, salads.........and more!


Vanilla, pure Madagascar vanilla extract, "No-Color" Flavors won't color your icings!

Vanilla, bitter and almond Almond - Butter - Hazelnut - Lemon - Raspberry - Pure Vanilla


Natural Flavorings  If you are looking for all natural ingredients.


For larger sizes 1oz., 4 ozs., 16 ozs. with savings per oz. up to 77%

you may either E-mail  for individual pricing, or view our Oils Volume Pricing Sheet


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You can then order the larger sizes Toll Free at 1-877-487-4289


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