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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876

Phone: (908)685-0410                               Toll Free: (877)487-4289                               FAX: (908)575-1640


Adult Candy, Soap and Craft Molds

(not for hard candy)

View adult mold flyer for molds & product numbers

(you need adobe acrobat to view it - if you don't have it, see link at the bottom of this page)

X-1        Yes: Qty:

X-2        Yes: Qty:

X-3        Yes: Qty:

X-4        Yes: Qty:

X-5        Yes: Qty:

X-6        Yes: Qty:

X-7        Yes: Qty:

X-8        Yes: Qty:

X-9        Yes: Qty:

X-10      Yes: Qty:

X-11      Yes: Qty:

XX-13    Yes: Qty:

XX-500  Yes: Qty:

XX-501  Yes: Qty:

XX-502  Yes: Qty:

XX-503  Yes: Qty:

XX-504  Yes: Qty:

XX-505  Yes: Qty:

XX-506  Yes: Qty:

XX-507  Yes: Qty:

XX-508  Yes: Qty:

XX-509  Yes: Qty:

XX-510a Yes: Qty:

XX-510b Yes: Qty:

XX-511  Yes: Qty:

XX-512  Yes: Qty:

XX-513  Yes: Qty:

XX-514  Yes: Qty:

XX-520  Yes: Qty:

XX-521  Yes: Qty:

XX-522  Yes: Qty:

XX-523  Yes: Qty:

XX-525  Yes: Qty:

XX-528  Yes: Qty:

XX-529  Yes: Qty:

XX-530  Yes: Qty:

XX-531  Yes: Qty:

XX-540  Yes: Qty:

XX-541  Yes: Qty:

XX-543  Yes: Qty:

XX-544  Yes: Qty:

XX-545  Yes: Qty:

XX-546  Yes: Qty:

XX-551  Yes: Qty:

XX-554  Yes: Qty:

XX-555  Yes: Qty:

XX-570  Yes: Qty:

XX-571  Yes: Qty:

XX-575  Yes: Qty:

XX-578  Yes: Qty:

XX-579  Yes: Qty:


You can access the flyer on lineAdult Mold Flyer to view/print a hard copy.

NOTE: You need Adobe Acrobat for viewing/printing.

 If you don't have it you can get a free download here>

   If you prefer, you can purchase a hard copy.Only $1.00  Yes: Qty: