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Autumn Colors Pre-Made Icings, Spays, Gels and Glitter

Accent all your Thanksgiving and fall treats with Color!


Available all year.

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Color Mist Sprays, Thanksgiving Colors.Color Mist Food Spray   $3.79 ea.

So easy to use: just shake can and prep work necessary. No clean up mess. Formula is taste free. One can will cover approx. (6) 8" round cakes, (4) 9" x 13" cakes or (4) dozen cupcakes. 1.5 oz. Certified Kosher.

Red             (710-5500)      Yes: Qty:

Yellow        (710-5502)        Yes: Qty:

Orange      (710-5507)      Yes: Qty:

Green         (710-5503)        Yes: Qty:

Need other color sprays?

Autumn Colors: Ready To Decorate Icing

Ready-To-Decorate Icing    $4.79 ea.

Add exciting finishing touches to treats, without mixing. Just slip one of the four free tips over the nozzle and start the fun. 6.4 oz. Certified Kosher.

Red             (710-4400)      Yes: Qty:

Yellow      (710-4409)      Yes: Qty:

Orange      (710-4410)       Yes: Qty:

 Green       (710-4401)      Yes: Qty:

Need other colors of ready to decorate icing?

Tube Icing, Thanksgiving Colors.Tube Icings    $2.29 ea.

Use to create flowers, borders and more. Ideal for smaller areas of color on character and theme cakes. Certified Kosher. 4 1/4 oz . Use with tip set (below)

Red           (704-218)         Yes: Qty:

Lemon Yellow  (704-236) Yes: Qty:

Orange      (704-212)         Yes: Qty:

Kelly Green       (704-227) Yes: Qty:

Need other colors of tube icing?

Tip Set For Tube IcingTip Set For Tube Icing


Tips twist onto Wilton tube icings to create many decorating techniques. Includes Star,  Round, Leaf and Petal tips.


(418-621)            $2.19           Yes:Qty:

Autumn Colors: Sparkle GelSparkle Gels    $2.99 ea.

Squeeze on sparkling color effects with this ready to use gel. Works great for chocolate too. Will dry within 24 hours. 3.5 oz. Certified Kosher.

Red           (704-112)         Yes: Qty:

Yellow           (704-108)      Yes: Qty:

Orange      (704-109)         Yes: Qty:

Green            (704-111)      Yes: Qty:

Need other colors of sparkle gel?

Write On Gels, Thanksgiving Colors.Write on Gels    $2.09 ea.

Ready to use. Add shimmering accents & colorful highlights to your decorating with these transparent gels. Great for writing on cakes and ice cream cakes.1.5 oz

Red            (CK77-2550)    Yes: Qty:

Yellow       (CK77-2639)     Yes: Qty:

Orange      (CK77-2388)     Yes: Qty:

Green        (CK77-2339)     Yes: Qty:

Need other colors of write on gel?

Autumn Colors: Edible GlitterEdible Glitter    $2.19 ea.

Use for cakes, cookies, cup cakes, ice cream and more. A terrific way to stencil or emphasize images and borders on pastry treats! Glitter is Non-Metallic and comes in 1/4 oz. bottles.

Red            (CK-600R)        Yes: Qty:

Yellow           (CK-600Y)      Yes: Qty:

Orange      (CK-6007)         Yes: Qty:

Green            (CK-600G)     Yes: Qty:

Need other colors of edible glitter?



Fall Leaf   Autumn Cake and Candy Decorating Supplies Fall Leaf

Sale Cupcake & Cake Tops   Great for other treats too. Limited Quantities.

Bakeware   Pie and cake pans.

Baking Cups   Cupcake papers, loaf papers, and cupcake combo packs.

Cupcake & Cake Tops   Rings, picks and cake tops for easy decorating.

Cookie Supplies   Cookie spatulas, cutters, sets, stencils and cookie icing.

Edible Decorations   Confetti, sprinkles, nonpareils and sugars.

Icing and Sugar Decorations   Redi-made decorations for cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more.

Icings and Colorings   Color mist sprays,ready to decorate & tube icings, write on and sparkle gels. Edible glitter.

Molds   Wilton candy molds and a link to the catalog for other Thanksgiving molds.

Packaging   Bags, boxes and box liners.

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