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Better Bakeware, Better Baking, Better Results!


Candyland Crafts is dedicated to bringing you the very best products for your money. We believe in giving our customers top value, prompt service and personal attention.


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Please note that we also have a large collection of seasonal Bakeware designed

for all the major holidays. Holiday Cake Decorating & Candy Supplies

Baking Aids   Magi-strips, Cake release, Cake tester.

Baking Aids Non slip pads, pastry cloths, rolling pin covers and pastry mats. 

Bowls  Ceramic, electric & plastic mixing bowl sets.

Cast Aluminum Non-Stick DimensionsBakeware 18 different designs!

Character Cake Pans & Accessories Tinker bell, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Sponge bob and many more.

Classic Cake Pan Set   Diamond, hexagon, paisley, petal, round, square, heart, pillow and oval.

Cookie Pans Large pans and shape lollipops.

Cookie Sheets and Pans Plain

Cooling Grids  Non stick and regular.

Decorator Preferred Cake Pans  Rounds and squares.

Decorator Preferred Cake Pans  Contour and heating core.

"Excelle Elite" Premium Pans  Cake, cookie & Pie.

"Excelle Elite" Premium Pans  Muffin, loaf & Spring form

"Excelle Elite" Premium Pans  Tart/quiche pans single and sets, bundt & fluted tube.

Fat Daddio's Round Cake Pans  Quality anodized aluminum. 2" and 3" deep.

Fat Daddio's Sheet Pans and Square Pans  Quality anodized aluminum. 3" deep.

Jumbo Muffin Pans  Aluminum and non-stick. Also king size.

Loaf Pans  Mini and standard sizes. Aluminum and non-stick.

Measuring Cups 1 oz. through 4 cup/32 oz. sizes.

Mini Cupcake / Muffin Pans  Aluminum, non-stick, 12 cup and 24 cup.

Mini Shaped Pans  Aluminum multi-cavity.

Non-Stick Bakeware  Loaf, square, oblong, jelly roll, muffin, and cookie sheets.

Non-stick Mini Cake Pan Sets  Loaf, fluted, round, angel food, muffin & spring form.

Parchment Paper  Pre-cut rounds, sheets and rolls in regular and non bleached.

Removable Bottom Pans  Round, square and rectangle. (Professional cheesecake pans).

Shaped Pans A through E

Shaped Pans F through N

Shaped Pans P through T

Shaped Pans 3-D shaped cake pans.

Shaped Pans  Mini multi cavity cake pans for individual cakes.

Shaped Pans  Non-stick for easy release

Sheet and Square Pans  10 different sizes to choose from.

Silicone Bakeware Wilton  Mini multi-cavity molds & baking cups.

Silicone Flexible Bakeware Wilton  Pans, oven liners, "Silpat" baking mats.

Soufflé Dishes  From 2oz. to 65 oz..

Specialty Cake Pans  Angel food and ring mold pans

Specialty Cake Pan Sets  Sets checkerboard and fancy - fill cake pans.

Spring form Pans   Great for cheesecakes.

Square Cupcake Pans  Aluminum and non-stick.

Standard cupcake / Muffin Pans  Aluminum and non-stick. 6 cups up to 24 cups.

Topsy Turvy Pans  Round and square.


Your favorite Character Pans and Accessories are now available at Candyland Crafts.