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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876

Phone: (908)685-0410                    Toll Free: (877)487-4289                    FAX: (908)575-1640


 Cake Circles and Boards

Rectangle boards for sheet cakes.

Corrugated Cardboard for strength and stability.

Perfect for rounds, square, sheets and shaped cakes.


The "waxed" boards have a special

food safe grease resistant coating.

Round cake boards.

Corrugated Cake Circles

6"                    (6/pkg.)                $1.79             (6CIR)           Yes:  Qty:

8"                    (6/pkg.)                $2.29             (8CIR)            Yes: Qty:

10"                  (6/pkg.)                $2.79             (10CIR)          Yes: Qty:

12"                  (6/pkg.)                $3.19             (12CIR)          Yes: Qty:

14"                  (6/pkg.)                $3.99             (14CIR)          Yes: Qty:

16"                  (6/pkg.)                $4.99             (16CIR)          Yes: Qty:

Corrugated Cake Boards

10"x14" Plain          (6/pkg.)         $4.19         (10X14BOA) Yes: Qty:

10"x14" Waxed       (6/pkg.)          $4.30        (10X14WAX) Yes: Qty:

14"x19" Plain          (6/pkg.)         $4.69         (14X19BOA) Yes: Qty:

14"x19" Waxed       (6/pkg.)         $4.95         (14X19WAX) Yes: Qty:



Cake Boards, Circles, Bases, Trim & Boxes

Cake Doilies and Fanci Foil Wrap  White, silver and gold   

Corrugated Cardboard Boards  Round and sheets

Gold Cake Boards  Round and sheets 

Tuk-N-Ruffle Edging  For making ordinary cakes, fancy

Cake Drums  Thicker boards for heavier cakes

Cake Boxes  Great for transporting your masterpieces.

Cupcake Boxes  Over 15 different styles.