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Candy Colors For Chocolate (Oil Based)

For when custom colors are needed

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Wilton Oil Base Candy Color Sets.Wilton Candy Color Sets

Available in two sets.

Primary set includes, Red, Orange, Yellow & Blue.

Garden set includes,  Pink, Green, Violet & Black.

Each set contains (4) .25oz. jars. $4.49 per set.

Primary Color Set            (4) .25oz. jars.           (1913-1299)        $4.49             Yes: Qty:

Garden Color Set             (4) .25oz. jars.           (1913-1298)        $4.49             Yes: Qty:

AmeriColor Candy Colors.AmeriColor Candy Color


These candy colors are manufactured by AmeriColor and are peanut, tree nut and gluten free. They are also vegan. A little goes a long way. To use simply blend a couple of drops into melted candy and then gradually add one drop at a time until desired color is reached. 2 oz.. jars. $5.50 ea.

Black                   2 oz..           (AC-CC01)            $5.50              Yes:Qty:

Blue                     2 oz..           (AC-CC02)            $5.50              Yes:Qty:

Green                  2 oz..           (AC-CC11)            $5.50              Yes:Qty:

Navy Blue            2 oz..           (AC-CC34)            $5.50              Yes:Qty:

Orange                2 oz..           (AC-CC13)            $5.50              Yes:Qty:

Pink                     2 oz..           (AC-CC14)            $5.50              Yes:Qty:

Red                      2 oz..           (AC-CC20)            $5.50              Yes:Qty:

Yellow                 2 oz..           (AC-CC07)            $5.50              Yes:Qty:

Elaine's candy color.


Elaine's Candy Color

(CK41-8139)  1.2 fL. oz.  $5.89

Purple   Yes: Qty: