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Ef's Wedding CakesEf's Wedding Cakes                          A Wedding QuartetEf's Wedding CakesEfs Wedding Cakes

Contributed by: Efthemia H. (Somerset, NJ)

Here are some wedding cakes that I have made.  I actually live in Somerset, NJ just minutes from the store and visit often for supplies and tips. These cakes were done as wedding shower cakes for very large groups.  Each top is done in gum paste and made so the bride could take it and the top layer home to share later with her family and groom.  Each top can also be saved for later by spraying it with shellac and then putting it in a display case. Thank you for looking at these.  Ef

Editor note: see also Efthemia's: <Party and Shower Cakes>

A Delightful DuoBirthday Cake

Birthday Cake:Contributed by: Carla M. (Fort Worth, TX)

I would like to add these cakes to your Creative Corner. These cakes were made for two little girls sharing their birthday.  One cake was decorated in a hot pink cheetah print and the other was a white leopard print.  Both cakes were topped with a chocolate plaque and chocolate molded makeup items.  The lettering was done using a fondant alphabet mold.

                                                                                               Thank you! Carla M.

A Dinosaur Party Christina's Dinosaur Cake

Contributed by: Christina K. (Raleigh, NC)

Hello.  Here is a picture of a dinosaur cake that I made for a kid's party. The dinosaurs are made from the dino candymolds in your catalog. I put the lollipop sticks in them, so they were easy to insert into the cake.  The volcano, and nest were made out of mini bundt cakes.  The rocks and dinosaur eggs were made out of candy clay.  This cake was relatively easy to do, and the kids went crazy over it.  (I also made some dino lollipops for the favors.)  Hope you like it!                                                                          Sincerely, Christina

 A Real Prize Winner!

Contributed by: Jeanne W. (Albemarle, NC)


Jeanne W's Prize Winning CakeThis one is a full sheet cake, cut into sections then stacked (see cutting diagram)...iced in buttercream, then covered in fondant.

 To give it a quilted appearance, I used the roller/cutter (looks like a white plastic pizza cutter with various attachments).  Then, brushed the entire area with super pearl luster dust. I used baby themed rubber stamps and applied edible ink using Wilton's edible writers (black) to imprint the images inside the diamond shapes.  They were then colored with a mixture of gel colors and lemon extract. I extruded a long line of fondant to be used for the piping/trim.  The handle was made by rolling the colored fondant out and imprinting it with a textured mat.   The diaper pins are royal icing.  The teething ring/toy, pacifier, lotion, diaper cream, and baby powder were formed from fondant then painted with gel colors and lemon extract mixture. The rattle was formed from a plastic baseball (found in my son's toy box), cut in half (gotta do what ya gotta do, right) and using a molded sugar recipe..........allow to dry partially then hollowed out and a piece cut out for the handle, which is a sugar candy stick, to go.  The smaller ball (also found in my son's toy box) was done the same way...when dry, put it all together with royal icing and allow to dry completely. 


A wonderful surprise can be placed inside the hollowed rattle and bottle.  I tried, first, using an actual baby bottle for the bottle but I didn't have any success.  I got extremely lucky when I came across the one from Candyland Crafts. It, too, was made with molded sugar and put together with royal icing...painting the nipple with the gel color lemon extract mixture after drying. Even though I can't draw a stick figure and you know what it is, or form anything other than a blob, with all the great products available...all that is needed is an idea and it can happen. This cake won grand prize in the 2004 Wilton's Your Take On Cake Contest. 

Mikayla's Special Birthday
Mikayla's Birthday Cake                                        Contributed by: Carla (Ft. Worth TX)

Hi!  My name is Carla and I would like to submit a cake that was created for a little girl's 10th birthday.  The girls were picked up from school by a limousine and from there they went to a coffee shop and a spa.  An element of each event was represented on the cake.  The mochas were created by molding chocolate in a small glass and topping with buttercream icing and chocolate jimmies.  The makeup and manicure items were molded chocolate using molds purchased from Candyland Crafts.  The limousine is a cookie that was hand cut and decorated.            Thank you, Carla

Shrek Birthday CakeField's Shrek Cake

                                                         Contributed by: Kerrie F. (Thorton NSW, Australia)


I would like to share my Shrek cake with you! My daughter adores Shrek so I came up with this. I hope you like it!! am very new to the cake decorating scene, I really enjoy making and decorating cakes. I take anyone's birthday as an opportunity to make them a cake. The Shrek came about because my daughter loves Shrek sooo much, but there weren't many cakes out there with Shrek and Fiona so I came up with my own creation!                          Kerrie

"Family" Pool Party Cake

 Pool Party Family CakeContributed by: Christina (NC)

Hello! My name is Christina, and I'm from North Carolina.  I'd like to share with you a cake I made for a friend's pool party.  I have attached the picture. I made the heads from 2 inch Styrofoam balls, covered in rolled fondant.  I attached a lollipop stick to the undersides, and pushed them into the cake.  The top has blue tinted piping gel. Everyone got a kick out of the cake! Each head was made to the likeness of each family member.  I hope you enjoy my cake!                                                                                                                            Sincerely, Christina