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Evelyns Cake                                          Nothing But Winners in this GalleryEvelyns Cake

Contributed by: Evelyn Moore (Elk Grove, CA)


I make cakes as a hobby.  I give my cakes as presents to friends and family.  I love using Fondant because it is very easy to make and handles really well. I don't go for the "simple" look.  It would feel like the cake is not finished.  Last year I won in the 2005 California State Fair  Cake Show/Competition.  It was mainly judged on taste, flavor, texture and over all, but I decorated my cake anyway, although looks didn't count.  That was my very first time entering in the State Fair, but I won First Place (Blue Ribbon), Best of Show, Best of Class and Best of Division.  I hope to do it again this year.  I also won First place two years in a row, 2004 and 2005 in the baking contest in my city, Elk Grove, CA, in the Pumpkin Harvest Festival baking contest (taste, originality and presentation, not decorating).  I will be entering the the Cake Decorating Contest in May 2006 in the Sacramento County Fair..I have never entered in a Cake Decorating Contest, that's why I am so excited. My husband eats my experiments, including my failures.

He is my judge at home on my baking.                                                                  Thank you  Evelyn

 Evelyns Cake   Evelyns Cake   Evelyns Cake   Evelyns Cake   Evelyns Cake   Evelyns Cake   Evelyns Cake   Evelyns Cake

Jacqui CakeHoops

Contributed by: Jacqui (Lake Tapps, WA)


I made this cake for my nephew's 16th birthday.  I used the sports ball pan for the ball and a 10" cake for the basket.  All of it is decorated with Italian Buttercream and it's filled with Baileys Chocolate Mousse. 

                                                                                                                          Thanks for letting me share with you! Jacqui


Contributed by: Cailean Kohagen (Seattle, WA)

Caileans CakeI wanted to send a photo, attached to this email, to share my "most beautiful project." Recently my mother-in-law turned 50 and I wanted to make her something to eat to make her feel special. I thought making an oyster with a pearl would be a nice way to say she's a pearl after 50 years. :) I took a tortilla, baked it upside down on a foil ball to create a bowl. I then melted white chocolate and covered the tortilla with melted chocolate and tried to swirl it a little to create a nice pattern. I then put a little melted dark chocolate on one end because I noticed in a lot of photos of oyster shells, on one end is where the top shell broke off and it leaves a dark lip on that end. I took some blue pearl dust and brushed it on the whole thing. To make the pearl I simply made some white chocolate plastic and molded that into a ball and also brushed with dust. The starfish are made with a starfish candy mold and swirled white/dark chocolate or white chocolate and peanut butter.                Thanks!! Cailean

Confirmation CakeSusans Cake

Susans CakeContributed by: Susan (MA)

Here's a confirmation cake. I didn't want to make it to frilly, it was for a young man and woman. The cross is marshmallow fondant. I found a picture of the cross on line and printed it out in the size I needed. I put the image on top of the fondant and poked holes in it to get the outline on the fondant, then I used a razor knife to cut it out. The cross is painted with gold luster dust. The customer was very happy. I also did a pocketbook cake using the make up molds for the same customer.                     Susan in Massachusetts

An Artist's GalleryMargies Cake

Margies CakeContributed by: Margie (Charles Town, WV)


My name is Margie and I am from Charles Town WV. I have a few cakes I would love to share in your Creative Corner. I have only been cake decorating for less than a year, but I am addicted! I used to be an art teacher, now I am a stay at home mother of two. Cake decorating lets me use my artistic side and still lets me spend time with my two baby girls!                                               Thanks!

Margies Cake     Margies Cake     Margies Cake     Margies Cake     Margies Cake    Margies Cake    Margies Cake    Margies Cake