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Silvia's Corset CakeCorset Cake ? :-)Silvia's Birthday Cake

Contributed by: Susan Silvia (Westport, MA)

Here's my latest cake creations. The corset cake was for a friend's hubby who was turning 30. He's was having a family get together for his birthday, so it had to be a tasteful "boob" cake. LOL! The christening cake was really fun to do. I loved making the royal icing "lace points" and brushing the pearl dust over the entire gown to give it that satiny look.

Special Wedding Favors

Contributed by: Karen Schwartz (Baltimore, MD)

Karen Schwartz FavorsHello, Just wanted to share a picture of some of the favors I made for a friend who was hosting a bridal shower at a beach resort last weekend. I used milk chocolate coating, colored white chocolate coating, luster dust (old gold) for accents, and the following molds:(1) pair of flip-flop sandals - Life of the Party M207 (2) purse - Life of the Party D90 (4 different styles) (3) medium-sized fan - Life of the Party M42 All was packaged inexpensively in 3# clear cellophane bags, baskets (ten cents each from Ikea), natural color Easter grass and natural raffia bows.

  Thanks for providing a forum to share ideas.                                                                           Karen Schwartz, “amateur chocolatier”

Stephanie Roy Cake (Xbox)Games Anyone?

Contributed by: Stephanie Roy (Memphis, TN)

Hello, I really enjoy looking through the gallery of photos at all of the wonderful creations talented people have shared. It's a joy to gain inspiration from other enthusiasts! I wanted to share one of my favorite cakes I've made, an XBOX for my little brother's 18th birthday. It's an actual-size chocolate cake covered in chocolate fondant. The controller is hand-molded from cake mixture, and details are painted in luster dust.

You can see this and other cakes I've made at                           Regards, Stephanie Roy
Editors Note> Check out Stephanie's gallery for Fantastic Original Wedding Cakes & more

Lisa Lowe's CakeFor Mom

Contributed by: Lisa Yowell (Rosedale, IN)


This is a cake I did for my 75 year old mom.  She loves gardening.  Cabbage & cauliflowers made from royal icing.  Bunny, basket, turtle, rake made from gum paste.                               Lisa Yowell

Claudia's CakePaccino's Special Birthday Cake

Contributed by: Claudia Gonzalez (Orlando, FL)

My name is Claudia, I live in Orlando Florida, I just discovered my passion for the sugar arts, I love making and decorating cakes and candy, This is my favorite cake so far, It was made for a friend of mine for her birthday, She loves her little yorkie dog...Paccino. I made the cake after this cute dog.  My friend loved the cake and did not want to cut it at the party, so we had to eat something else for dessert...                                                                                     Claudia

Pillow Cake +

Contributed by: Belinda Rey (Midland, TX)

Here are a few pictures I would like to contribute.  I am most proud of my  pillow cakes, they were for my best friends birthday.  The bottom is a red velvet and the top is a banana cream cake, they are both covered with fondant and hand painted. I love to contribute my pictures and love the support and information from all my fellow decorators. 

 I have been decorating about one year  and cant wait for more to come!

   Belinda's Cake                      Belinda's Cake                       Belinda's Cake

A Cake a Month club?

Contributed by: Alicia Lombard (Converse, TX)

I am relatively new to decorating but I really enjoy it.  I actually started doing this because of a cake I made for my boss.  After he saw it he asked me to do monthly cakes for nursing homes we provide for (I work for an ambulance company).  I now get to practice new things all time, including cookies.  I am still learning but having a great time doing it! I can only hope to get to the level of some of the cakes I see. 

Alicia's Cake              Alicia's Cake              Alicia's Cake              Alicia's Cake

  The County FairEvelyn Moore Cake

Contributed by: Evelyn Moore (Elk Grove, CA)


Hello,This is my entry to the Sacramento County Fair Cake Decorating Contest....The Judging is on 5/23,  but since this is a dummy cake and iced w/ all Fondant,  I had so much time to work on it.   Looking at the photos, it seems that I need to do a few more minor touches to it.  I stare at this every night, to see if I miss anything. I used one of the chocolate molds you gave me for the plaque . EVERYTHING you see here is edible, except the inside. thanks for looking Evelyn

Ed. Note: This is Evelyn's 2nd Contributor appearance! See - Creative Corner Pg. 11