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Schwartz Hawaian CakeTigers in Hawaii?

Contributed by: Karen Schwartz (Baltimore, MD)


Hello again,  You were so kind when I submitted my chocolate beach themed wedding shower favors that I wanted to share my latest accomplishments.  I am not a professional. I make all icing from scratch and it takes me forever.   Cakes were baked and frozen Wednesday. In this case, tiger took me 8 hours Friday night and hula cake took me 4 hours Saturday morning.


For tiger, I baked a "cub" pan and a "lamb" pan and cut them up.  The cub was cut just behind the ear and separated from it's butt.   I cut the lamb's head and butt off so I had a nice long section of body to insert in between the cub pieces.  Everything is iced in place with buttercream.  Bottom cake was a 12 inch square with homemade chocolate icing.  If I had it to do again, I would have added cake to make front paws a little longer.


I also made a Hawaiian themed cake this weekend.  It was a 8x10 sheet cake with a 5" round half circle on one end iced in buttercream.  Mini wonder mold cakes were carved to be different heights of volcanoes and stacked on the half circle.  Cake was iced to look like beach tan and jungle green.  volcanoes were chocolate icing.  Mold painting took an hour, all those colors!  For the hula girls, I used Concepts in Candy Mold # AO-099.  For the palms I used CML 1262. For the tribal masks, I used I-25 Tribal Masks.  Lava was red hard candy poured on buttered foil in the shape of "v"s and stuck in volcanoes.  It was raining and my hard candy got soft, but held up enough for delivery and serving. Both children loved the cakes. Thanks for letting me share.  I love your gallery. Karen Schwartz

Elmo & More! 

Contributed by: Marianne Cipollone (Bowmansville, PA) 

Hi there...My name is Mare & I just discovered this corner of Candyland. It's a great idea. I started decorating my children's cakes many (many! 28!!) years ago but have only gotten serious in the last few years. The good ol' web has opened my eyes to sooo much. Heaven forbid I never would have found Candyland!!! I have been selling cakes, cookies & candies for about 2 years now.   I am so proud of my Elmo (done last weekend) the cookies went w/ the cake. The giraffe is my favorite (1 of several cakes done for my daughter's baby shower (twin girls!! now 5 months old).  The candies were for my other daughter's wedding.  I hope you enjoy seeing them. Hopefully I'll have a website soon!  

Mare's Elmo Cake                            Mare's Chocolate Pieces                            Mare's Birthday Cake  

Hooked on Cake 

Contributed by: Sue Shrewsbury (Clear Creek, WV)


I have been decorating cakes for many years, but until recently, was very bored with it. Then after I found the internet and all of the great websites, I was hooked again!  I got up enough nerve to try chocolate clay, thus creating the froggie cake (bottom left) for my daughters birthday. She was very happy with it as she LOVES frogs. Next it was time to tackle marshmallow fondant. I started out small with little piggies for my nephews birthday cake. (He  rides ATVs and raises pigs for 4-H.)  He loved his 4-wheeler/piggy cake (middle pictures). Next was a call from a relative that needed a hawaiian themed cake (bottom right). I made marshmallow fondant flowers, palm tree tops, and flip flops. The tree trunks are pretzels. The sides are decorated with the grass tip to resemble a hula skirt. I am truly hooked on decorating again!     Thanks for allowing me to share.

Sue Shrewsbury's Froggie Cake                    Sue Shrewsbury's Piggy Cake                    Sue Shrewsbury Piggy Cake                    Sue Shrewsbury's Hawaiian Cake

 A Real Winner

Evelyn Moores Winning CakeContributed by: Evelyn Moore (Elk Grove, CA)


This is this years entry to the California State fair Cake Show. I got a Blue ribbon (First Place), Best of Division and Best of Class. This was a Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese/Maple filling and iced with fondant.. My theme was Autumn and I named this cake AUTUMN BREEZE...  everything is edible. Just want to share.


Editors Note: Evelyn is a frequent contributor to Candyland Crafts.

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