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Cakes for All 

Contributed by: Kim Buchanan (W. Orange, NJ)


1) Spiderman: 10" and 8" banana cakes covered in buttercream with banana filling. Buildings are fondant. Spiderman is an edible image icing plaque.

2) Princess cake: 8" chocolate and 6" vanilla cakes covered in all buttercream with chocolate mousse filling. Royal icing flowers. Tiara is not edible.

3) Engagement cake: Taken from the Wilton 2007 Yearbook. 10" and 8" square vanilla cakes covered in buttercream then fondant. Bows and ring are color flow.

4) Airplane cake: Wilton Cross pan used for airplane, atop a sheet cake using hidden pillars. All buttercream. The pilot is not edible.
                    Princess Cake                    Engagement Cake                    Airplane Cake

Gobble it Up Cake Gobble It Up: Design found on the Wilton website. Mini sports ball pan for body covered in chocolate buttercream. WiltonAutumn Celebration Cake "rollout cookie" recipe and "leaves" cookie cutters used for feathers and turkey. Candy melts used for pumpkins on base.

Autumn Celebration: 2 bundt cakes used for pumpkin, covered in buttercream then rolled fondant. Ice cream cone used for stem. Leaves are fondant. Everything painted with luster dust.

First Birthday 

Contributed by: Marlene Royer (Washington, NJ)


Hello,  Would like to share a picture of the first birthday cake I created for my niece's 1st birthday. It was my first attempt in using fondant, it was a bit Royer Birthday Cakechallenging but definitely fun! I used Wilton's premade white fondant and colored them with gel food coloring.  I also used butter flavor to the fondant to give it a nice flavor. I also used starburst candy to do the little presents on the cake and Easter color m&m's for the center of some flowers. The cake was made of butter pound cake with chocolate truffle and strawberry filling. It was yummy!


My next big project is my daughter's 1st birthday cake -- I would like to make a carousel cake but instead of using fondant, I

                           will instead use white molding chocolate.

Firefighter's Birthday 

Contributed by: Sarah Albright (Green Camp. OH)


My name is Sarah Albright I live in Green Camp Ohio it is a small village on the outside of Marion and Columbus. I have been doing cakes for about 6 years now and love it. The fire fighter cake I made for my husbands birthday. I copied our fire symbol at the fire department that we work at. The second cake was for my sister in law Tiffany's baby shower I could not think of anything to do then I went to Krogers and saw they could take pictures and put them on edible paper to just lay out on your cake. I got one of Asher's ultrasound pictures and it took them about 10 min. to put on the paper. Everyone loved the cake. I also used the spray in the can to do the blue on top of the cake.

  Albright's Cake1                                         Sarah Albright                                        Albright's Cake2

Alamo Sweets

Contributed by: Linda Heard (San Antonio, TX) 

The Princess Cake

Princess Party CakeEach year I get to make a friend of my Daughters little girl's birthday cake.  This year's theme was a Princess and Frog them.  I took the invitation and made edible trim for each tier.  The Princess and Frog was sculpted of Marshmallow Fondant.  The rocks were also made of marbled Marshmallow Fondant.  The Princess is sitting on a 4 inch cake for the Birthday Girl that has been frosted in buttercream and draped with the marbled fondant.  Handmade flowers were made of pink fondant and the words from the invitation were printed in black around the cake.  The Princess' dress was made with pink and green fondant flower petals.  I really enjoyed making this one.  I matched the hair on the Princess to the hair of the little girl.  She loved the cake!!!!


The Groom's Cake

Thanks to the inspiration of Earlene of Earlene's Cakes I was able to make a bride's dream come true.  Her fiancÚ has 3 professions (firefighter,Groom's Cake paramedic and police officer).  Her first request was to have a vehicle cake that represented all three.  I told her not only would that be hard to do but probably wouldn't look good so being from Texas she decided on an armadillo.  The order was placed months ago so I have had lots of time to lay awake in bed worrying about the armadillo.  I was browsing the internet and particularly Earlene's website and saw the cake named Hunter and Shot Gun Shells.  I ordered the instructions and was able to stencil the vehicles on the cake using her example.  Thank goodness I didn't have to make an armadillo!