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Megaphones & MoreMegaphone Cake

Manicurist CakeContributed by: Karen Finney (Avenel, NJ)

Hi, my name is Karen Finney and I live in Avenel NJ. After looking through your site, I thought that I would like to submit some of the cakes that I  just made for my two nieces.  My first cake is a megaphone cake with pom-poms that I made for my 16 year old niece who is on a special needs cheering squad.  The other cake I made for my 30 year old niece who is a manicurist part-time.  The manicurist cake is iced with buttercream icing and all of the decorations on the top were handmade and formed by myself out of fondant.  Both cakes were a real hit.  Thanks for letting me share my cakes with you.

Editor Note: Karen is a frequent contributor:   <Nursing theme Cake>    <Megaphones & More>   <All Jacked Up>    <Tools 'N More Cakes>   <A Very Formal Cake>

Devon & Jess Birthday CakeFunny Cake Making Story

Contributed by: Jenny Ludwig (Dorchester, WI)

My Daughter wanted the castle cake she had seen in a cookbook. I am not a expert but I thought it looked easy enough . Boy was I wrong. She loves chocolate cake so I made a huge chocolate cake I thought I could cut it in half and stack it on top .. It must have been a super moist cake since the whole think basically crumbled in a million pieces. I had to make my sons cake that day too since they were sharing there party. I didn't have enough time to make a new cake so I made another batch of icing . I might add this batch normally could ice 2 8x10 cakes so we are talking about a lot of icing. We basically molded this cake with the icing . I

 hid all the flaws with candies. This cake was absolutely hilarious to make but it is a cake we will never forget. there was a ton of love put in to it.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Thanks Jenny

Birthday CakesJo's Birthday Cake

Eli's 4th Brithday CakeContributed by: Cathy Dugdell (Midway, CO)

Hi I would like to submit one of what I think is my best cakes. I have been cake decorating for almost 20 years and am self taught. Right now I do cakes for friends and family, but am seriously considering starting a business this year. The cake I have attached was made for my sister's birthday in February( see right). It is a 2 tier lemon cake w/ Raspberry buttercream, royal icing roses and fondant bows painted with luster dust. The 2nd Cake (above) was for my nephews 4th birthday. Bob the builder and all the tools are molded from fondant. The cake is also covered in fondant. A tip I have learned from another cake web site is to use a 6" foam paint roller ( can find in hardware store or Wal-Mart in the paint supplies) to smooth my cakes. Just let your icing set for 10 minutes, then roll the cake and it will be so smooth it will look like you covered it in Fondant.                                                                                                                                                  Thanks, Cathy

Alamo CakeRemember the Alamo

Contributed by: Linda Heard (San Antonio, TX)


I live in San Antonio, Texas - Home of the Alamo.  I have had requests in the past to make an Alamo cake but thought it would be more than I could do.  I finally bit the bullet and decided to do one.  To tell you the truth I don't know what I did without my edible image printer and my wonderful frosting sheets.  Without them this cake would have been turned down.  All I have to say is thank goodness for ivy.  This was my first attempt at fondant too (couldn't I have picked a round cake "Smile!").  The ivy was a life saver for covering up tears and holes! The customer was a Son who ordered the cake for his Mother's 60th birthday.  She LOVES the Alamo so I was

glad when I heard she loved my cake too!


Editors Note: Linda is the owner of  "AlamoSweets", where "you can have your cake and eat it too!"

check out her web site>

Fox Jack-in-the-Box Cake                                                                   Jack-in-the-BoxFox Jack-in-the-Box Cake

Contributed by: Lynne Fox (Rickreall, OR)


I made this cake as a replica of a 1970's jack in the box. I made this for my twin grandchildren's 5th birthday party. There are four and a half cake mixes for cake base and cupcakes for the clown. He was 18 inches tall. All was edible except for the lid which I tried to make with a cookie but had to settle for cardboard covered with fondant. I used food color marking pens on fondant for the clowns around the box. I had cpvc pipe fastened to the plastic tray base for support.                                                                                                              


The Office Party

Fox Bunnies & SweetsI have started doing a monthly cake for the office birthday party.  The pot ofFox Pot of Gold Cake gold at the end of the rainbow is a ball cake covered with candy clay.  The rainbow is hard candy that was going to be a half circle until it broke.  I just changed my plan to use half in the pot and it turned out just right.  The "gold" is rollo candy.  I added a gum paste mushroom and grass with some gold dust.  I was going to make a gum paste leprechaun but ran out of time as I usually do these the night before the party.  I had a cardboard cut out that worked.


For the Easter basket I made two using the Wilton bunny mold, one chocolate and one lemon.  I used chocolate ganache to frost one and wish I had added chocolate sprinkles for "hair."  I also made a few dozen egg shaped cupcakes and decorated them to go into the basket.  Again, as I ran out of time, some ended up with frosting and sprinkles.  Lynne Fox

Favorite & Fun CakesBev Fetter's Shreck Cake

Bev Fetter's Baby CakeContributed by: Beverly Fetter (Morrow OH)


This is one (baby cake) of my favorites to make. The head, hands, and legs are made of fondant. The booties are real ...... the body is cake ..... the icing is buttercream. It is always A big hit at the baby showers. This is a fun cake (Shreck) to make. The head, hands, and legs are made from fondant. The body is cake.  Thanks, Bev



Editors Note: The detail & artistry of these cakes is outstanding!  Check out her web site>