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"I Won at the State Fair!! "

          Contributed by: Jeanette Shrewsbury (Clear Creek, West Virginia)


Hi, I am Jeanetta Shrewsbury. I live in West Virginia. I have been decorating cakes for my family and friends for nearly 30 years. I took a beginners class back in 1978 and decorated for for my kids as they were growing up. I lost interest after a while and didn't do much until a couple of years ago, when I got a computer and began finding all of these great websites that fired up my interest again. I have been teaching myself many new techniques with the help of the great wealth of talent and knowledge found on the web. I got interested in making figures from fondant, and chocolate clay. After practicing for a while, I decided to enter the WV state fair for the first time. I entered 2 decorated cakes. Guess What??? I won 2 blue ribbons and Best of show!!!!!! For someone with very low self esteem, this was a huge accomplishment. I am so thankful that I found these great sites and all of the great people that share their talent, and knowledge with everyone. I plan to keep on practicing!

Jeanette Shrewsbury's Cake                         Jeanette Shrewsbury                         Jeanette Shrewsbury's Cake

Tools 'N More Cakes

          Tool Box CakeContributed by: Karen Finney (Avenel, NJ)


I just have to tell you that this is the only site that I know of to post pictures of my cakes. I previously submitted pictures of several of my cakes. This must be the year of the baby boomer, I just finished a tool box cake for my brother-in-law and a wicker purse for my sister. The response that I received for the purse was overwhelming. I made my sister cry. No one would tell her what I was making even though she was asking everyone. The purse was made out of a carrot cake that I carved and iced in cream cheese icing. I than piped on the wicker design and decorated that sides with fondant. I added flowers and a pocked on the side. The handle really looked like wood balls. My daughter and IPurse Cake colored light brown fondant with brown food coloring and rolled them into little balls that we than strung onto wire and bent them into the handles. The tool box cake was made out of a spice cake and decorated with fondant the look like the draws Purse Cakeand locks and handles on the side. I used a piece of a spice cake that was from a recipe that belonged to my husbands grandmother, to form the draw in the front. I made tools out of fondant and placed them on the open draw. When my husband place the cake on the kitchen table, people were asking why there was a tool box on the table and were floored to learn that it was a cake. My brother-in-law was shocked. I get such a kick out of the responses that I get from people. I love it!!! Thanks for letting me post my pictures.

                                                                                                                   Karen from Avenel.


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Hinman Cupcake CakeParty & Shower Cakes Hinman Hat Box & Purse Cake

          Contributed by: Efthemia Hinman (Somerset, NJ)

Cupcake cake for Valentines Day I made this one (top left) for my daughter’s class. The kids love these cakes, and I love all the hugs I get and wonderful looks on their faces each time I take one into the classroom. This is a hat box cake and purse cake (right) I made for my daughters pink poodle party. Everything on the cake board is edible – even the gloves. The purse is made from

                          lemon pound Hinman Shower Cakecake and the hat box cake is made from chocolate cake with chocolate mousse. I learned from this one if you use Satin Ice fondant you can refrigerate it and it does not get sticky. I have been using it since – well worth the extra cost. The brownies on the cake stand were decorated with butter cream and then the candles were placed in them. It was a sleep over party so they had the brownies at 1:00am.This is a cake (bottom left) I made for a bridal shower . The bottom is actually a fake cake to give the cake more volume. All of the tiers are tilted and I actually traveled one hour with this cake totally assembled - Lot of dowels through all layers and a little prayer. I did this one a little different than most people do the tilted cakes – I did not cut into any of the assembled caked to make a space for the next tier. I used a couple of extra dowels and then put two dowels through the second tier to the bottom tier and then when the top went on I put three dowels all the way through. It is much easier and a lot less mess to do it this way and it works!!!!!

Hope you enjoy these.                                                                                Efthemia Hinman

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