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Kelly's Chinese Checker CakeChinese Checkers Anyone?

Contributed by: Kelly Smalley (Van Buren, Arkansas)

I'm a beginner and I have tons of ideas. This was in honor of my grandmother who taught me to play Chinese checkers when I was 3 yrs old. I used a round pan for cookies and made 2 layers. I used buttercream icing and gumballs. I used my real Chinese checker game for a pattern. They are the exact same size. And the gumballs are the same size as the marbles too.                                                                                     Kelly


My Favorite Hobbie

          Contributed by: Caroll A. Prosser (Birmingham, England)

Hi I've just found your site whilst searching for cake making supplies and thought you may like to see one or two of my 'efforts'. I have always enjoyed this hobbie, even more so since I retired. I have done one off wedding cakes and birthday cakes for family and friend but NOT to be a money maker....this would never work for me as the ingredients etc are nothing compared with the time I spend trying to perfect the requests I am given!! I am not always 100% happy but, as my husband says, a child of one year will not know the difference - but I say their parents WILL!!! I will make a point, from now on, of browsing through the excellent contributions (and maybe steal an idea or two!)

Amongst my many other hobbies are sewing - anything from curtains to bridesmaid dresses, and gardening BUT here in the UK the weather makes that difficult, not much fun in the rain!  I'll close now                                                                          Regards Mrs. Caroll A Prosser

Footnote:  Just a thought...I guess the themes on my cakes may not be familiar to some folk as they are usually from UK TV kids programmes that may not be shown in the US. Everyone knows Star Wars & Belle from Beauty & the Beast but the strange creatures are from The Night Garden then the flowery creature is from Fifi and The Flowertots.


Beauty and the Beast              Star Wars              Night Garden              Fifi and the Flower Pot

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"Milk n' Honey"

          Contributed by: Eunice Bez (Missionary)


Hi, my name is Eunice Bez and I have always loved baking. My husband and I are missionaries ,so we travel extensively. Every time we were in a different country I found myself baking for different events and from there orders started coming in. 2 years ago I took the 3 Wilton cake decorating courses due to my husband volunteering my skills for a friends wedding cake. I had never made a wedding cake before. It was 3 tiers and decorated with fresh flowers. Being the perfectionist I am I just knew there must be an easier and better way! Now I know. I now bake for friends all the time and even supply a local coffee shop and restaurant with cup cakes, tres leches, Italian cream cake. etc. My favorite cakes to bake are the themed birthday cakes. I have done the princess castle, Scoobi-doo, baby shower cakes and many soccer field cakes. My husband and my son's believe I make the best cakes ever and do not hesitate to voice their opinions! I have attached some pictures. My cakes are known as "milk n' honey"

Bez Princess Cake                         Bez Baby Shower Cake                         Bez Scoobi-Doo Cake          

A Very "Formal" Cake

          "Tuxedo" CakeContributed by: Karen (Avenel, NJ)


I would like to submit one of my most recent cakes. I made it for my Brother-in-Laws wedding. I made a two layered Tuxedo Cake with chocolate tuxedo strawberries. The top 10" cake was a Bailey's Irish Cream cake topped with chocolate gonache and chocolate tuxedo strawberries. The bottom 14" cake was chocolate fudge cake, also topped with chocolate gonache. Both cakes were covered with buttercream frosting and filled with chocolate pudding. The chocolate gonache gave it an extra special surprise. Needless to say my Brother-in-Laws loved it, and so did everyone else.                    Thanks, Karen from Avenel


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  The Purse CakeCompletely Edible Purse Cake

Contributed by: Evelyn Moore (Elk Grove, CA)


Hello, I have contributed here before.. I just want to add this photo. I made this for a dear friend's 40th Birthday. The inside is Yellow cake w/ Buttercream.. outside is all fondant including the "bamboo" handle and clasp.. everything is edible including the shoes...............                                                                                               thank you                          Evelyn Moore

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