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A Sea Shell Luau

Contributed by: Linda Yantachka (Livonia, NY)

Hi there! Was just shopping for more of your great molds when I came across your page of ideas. I purchased 3 of your sea shell molds among many others to hopefully make 160 of these for my sons fireman's banquet, the theme was luau! Enclosed is a picture of the result. They were a wonderful hit to say the least and they looked so nice on the table. I made some in white, dark and milk chocolate, filled them with mousse and then topped them with fruit filling, they didn't leave a speck on their plates! and the best part was they only took 2 oz of chocolate ! Thanks for the great molds.                                                                                                                                   Linda Yantachka


P.S. I found another picture of the same mold that I tried out with sugar and also the clam shell that I bought from Candyland. Of course the biggest hit was the chocolate ones everyone could eat but these looked really nice as a decoration on the table. Can't wait to get my molds and start creating again! Thanks.

Pool Table Cake

Contributed by: Pam Maxson (Manor, TX)

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Hi, I started decorating cakes last fall just for something to do for fun. Mostly I make cakes for my co-workers birthdays.  I always try to make their cake based around their hobbies.  This cake was made for one of my companies VP's.  She is a real pool shark and I thought she would love this - and she did!!!  The balls are just gum balls.  The rest of it is made from buttercream icing.                       PAM

Edible Pictures

Contributed by: Donna Neighoff (Baltimore, MD)

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Here's a candy making idea. I make these mostly for friends and family. It's entirely edible. The pictures are printed on edible image sheets and cut out to fit inside the chocolate frame. The antique look is done with gold luster dust.


Fantastic Carousel!

I made this using a carousel chocolate mold but I used gum paste instead of chocolate. The center of the top is cut out to leave a ring and the carousel sits atop a battery operated rotating doll stand. The drapes are also made with a mold from CK products.                                                                                            Thanks!   Donna

You can see the carousel in action if you wish → Fantastic Carousel

Entertain in Style!

Submitted by: Judy Lindquist (Orlando, Florida)

As someone who loves to entertain, I think it is the attention to detail that makes a gathering great!  One such "detail" is the coffee service.  Make it special by providing decorated sugar cubes instead of granulated sugar.  They are SO EASY to make.  Simply take the premade mini sugar decorations, ( like holly leaves, tiny turkeys, spring flowers, etc.) and "glue" one onto each sugar cube using a dab of melted white chocolate.  They dry in a few minutes and then put them into your sugar bowl!  They look wonderful and melt into the hot coffee just as the sugar cube does.  There are mini sugar decorations available for all seasons and holidays so your coffee service can always dazzle your guests!!!! JUDY .

90th Birthday Hat Cake

Contributed by: Lisa Farkas (Bloomington, IN)

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Good morning, I wanted to submit a photo of my Hat Cake for your creative corner. This cake was done on the spur of a moment. I had a wedding cake for the weekend, and didn't want to take any other cakes, as I have a 9 month old son who is a handful! However, I got a call from a lady who wanted a cake to celebrate her friend's 90th birthday. She said she called me because she wanted 'something special'. Who could refuse that? We talked a bit about the lady and decided on a lavender hat. The cake is a basic yellow cake, with a buttercream underlay and a rolled buttercream/fondant mix for the overlay. I hope you like it! Thanks for letting me share,  ~ LISA


                                                                       Cake & Candy Creations

Contributed by: Lynne Sammon (Visali, CA)

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The candy creation (on the left ) I entered in my county fair several years ago. They have had a category of "architectural edibles" which was further divided into sections including Gingerbread houses, candy structures and Sugar creations. I found this idea in an OLD magazine. 4 rolls of Life Savors (arms & legs); one box of Cracker Jacks (body), 4 Starlite mints (hands & feet) 2 M&Ms (eyes), a peanut (nose) & a cookie (head) were used in this creation. Just glue the parts together. If you wanted it completely edible royal icing could be used. The cake (on the right) I created after seeing something similar in a magazine. It consists of a 12"x8"x2" sheet cake and a 6" heart. The heart is held on with kabob sticks. After torting & filling the cakes are iced overall with buttercream. The hair on the clown is swirls of buttercream from a tip 18. Color was airbrushed on. The nose consists of 3 mini marshmallows and the feet are fondant, as are the other decorations. Thank You for the consideration. LYNNE (aka: kakeladi)