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Fondant Flower Masterpiece

   Contributed by: Elea Wade Craig (Laramie, WI)

Hello,  I was looking for dusting flowers for fondant flowers when I came across your creative corner and just could not resist! Even though this is not my first wedding cake, it is the first one that I have made Fondant flowers for.  From start to finish the entire cake took me approx. 7 hours, every flower is hand shaped (I didn't even know that there were cutters for flower petals at that time) and airbrushed.  The cake itself was done with a basketweave so the flowers looked like they were spilling out of a real basket. After finishing this cake, I decided to concentrate my efforts on Fondant and gumpaste.  I believe that the finished product looks more realistic than buttercreme does.  This cake has thus far generated 12 additional wedding cake orders, and allowed me to quit my current job and create a full time business out of decorating.  I guess I didn't anticipate what I was getting myself into!  Not bad for a gal who's only 22 years old! Sincerely,                                      Elea Wade Craig

A Collection of Fun Cakes!

Contributed by: Cathy Snyder (Lake Butler, FL)  Cathy has contributed before to our Creative Corner.

Strawberry Shortcake for my daughter's friend. Candy clay Strawberry Shortcake and rolled buttercream strawberries.

Dolls for the girls at my daughters birthday party. Made with mini-wondermold and $1 dolls from the dollarstore (half a doll is no fun!)

These were volcanoes with dinosaurs for the boys at my daughter's birthday party. Make with mini-wondermold pan. 

This was a "F is for frog" cake for my daughter's kindergarten class. Her teacher loves frogs and has the room decorated with them. Everyone had their own fondant lily pad with their name on it and candy melt frog. The teacher frog was made from white chocolate candy clay mixed with rolled buttercream. Candy clay logs, candy clay mix dragonflies, piping gel pond.

Cake: Sponge BobMy Grandmother just turned 82. She absolutely hates Spongebob, thinks it's the dumbest thing she's ever seen so of course I had to make her a sponge bob cake for her birthday. Treasure chest (filled with jewels and coins), shells, and fish were all from your molds. Royal icing seaweed, and a candy clay Spongebob. Spongebob was two-sided: <happy on the front> and <sad on the back> (with piping gel tears).

Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando has the coolest tree called the Tree of Life with hundreds of animals carved into it. I wanted to do something along that theme so I made this <candy clay tree> then molded candy clay hippo, tiger, alligators, bird, lion face and monkey face and attached them. I made a jungle cake for an 8 year old girl. I used 3-D molds on most of the animals, the tiger and snakes were hand molded candy clay. Candy clay trees, royal icing plants. The <jungle elephant> was from your 3-d mold then I made a blue candy clay water arch and covered it with blue piping gel. It worked really well, made him look like he was spraying water. Rocks were candy clay and dirt was a mixture of graham crackers and chocolate cookies.

A Beautiful Valentine is Easy to Make

Contributed by: Cathie Weber (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

I use the pourbox molds , and use plaster to form it. After it is dry I paint them and decorate them by adding beads and lace. They are then lightly sprayed with a high gloss. I fill these with beautiful molded chocolates; they are then placed in colorful fluted candy cups and they are wrapped in colorful cellophane. These make beautiful Valentines or a gift for anytime. My friends and family look forward to these every year. I get dozens of custom orders, each item I create is made to fit the person colors and tastes. Thank you so much Candyland for making this possible.

                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Cathie Weber

The Twins

Contributed by: Sheila Saey (Orlando, Florida)

Saey CakeHi! I would like to submit a picture of what I feel is the best cake I have made yet! I completed the 3rd (and final) of the Wilton's Cake Decorating Courses in May 2003 and am still learning; however, as the attached picture shows...I think I'm getting pretty good at it!! The cake itself was Duncan Hines Strawberry Supreme and the icing is from the Wilton Classroom Buttercream Icing.  Around the edge if the cake are chocolates made from Wilton candy melts. The twins are due anytime, by the way! ;-)  Thank you and have a BLESSED day!

Sheila Saey Grammy's Goodies

Wedding Cake for "Peppy La Pew"?

Contributed by: Paula Surrette (Bridgewater, Massachusetts)

This was my second wedding cake I made. It was a wedding gift to a friend. I have taken 2 courses in cakePaula M. Surette decorating but never any on wedding cakes. The larger purple flowers I spent weeks on learning how to do them. After spending hours upon hours I had enough good ones for the finished cake. Because they were made out of royal frosting they needed to dry and harden so I put them on my porch table a place we don't use. Forgetting the bottom glass of the door was broken..... and not thinking what could come in.....One day my dog was barking and I went to look and it was a skunk!!! IT sprayed all over my flowers. I had to start all over again. The finished cake was French Vanilla with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. I used 6, 10, and 14 inch round cake pans for the cake. I think I did a pretty good job for my second attempt. I now make cakes and chocolates for a living.  You will never know until you try! Thank you.                                                                                                            Paula M Surrette

Dorthoy of Oz Cake  P.S. Here is another cake I thought you might be interested in: Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!