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A Very Special Luau
Contributed by: Amy L-M (Hastings, MI)

Palm Tree Birthday CakeFor my youngest daughter's 1st birthday party, we had a luau.  That may seem a bit strange, but she loves toEnjoying the Palm Tree Cake! hula dance, so it seemed appropriate.  My daughters both have food allergies to wheat, milk and eggs, baking at our house is a real adventure!  I decided to make the birthday cake allergen free and decorate it myself.  I took cake making classes as a teenager, but that was 2 babies and many YEARS ago.  So I ordered some milk-free chocolate, and got busy.  The palm trees are made of wheat-free pretzel sticks, I dipped one end in chocolate, then stuck it into the middle of a round wheat-free cracker.  When they were set up I dipped the other end into the chocolate and stuck them down into the cake.  Once I got them all roughly straight, I used a leaf tip to make the palm leaves.  The cake is made with two 8" rounds, the sides are decorated with a grass skirt made with a grass tip and multi colored flowers made with a star tip.  I covered the top with brown sugar to look like the beach.  There were enough palm trees to give one to each child, and they ate them well in advance of the cake being cut.  It was great fun. 

Everyone Enjoys Sponge Bob


For my oldest daughter's 3rd birthday we had a hay-ride, pony-ride, Sponge Bob party.  The theme was Lindsay's idea.  So I made a wheat-free, egg-free, milk-free Sponge Bob cake.  I just used a regular 9x13 pan, and decorated it with yellow stars, black piping and sugar decorations I bought at the grocery store.  It was a big success, everyone thought I had gotten a professionally decorated cake  <see cake details>.  


This Really Lights Up the Room!!
Contributed by: Jeanne W. (Albemarle, NC)

 I made this cake because of a challenge from a friend.  The Wilton's Your Take On Cake contest had just begun and I was having difficulty coming up with an idea.  I told my friend about the contest and my difficulty.  He asked me what I was capable of doing.  "I can do anything!!", I replied.  Well, he looked around the room then asked if I could do a lamp.  "Of course.", I said.  It took a couple of weeks of looking at different styles of lamps before I found one that inspired me enough to get started.  I found the lamp.  I then drew the lamp, making necessary changes for structural reasons...dissected the drawing and designated a media for each piece. It was my most challenging effort and my favorite of my own creations.


     The base is royal icing, formed on the bottom of an aluminum pie pan.  All of the discs are royal icing or fondant.  The light gold pieces were formed using royal icing on the outside of medicine cups then fondant leaves applied after they were dried.  The brown colored bowl shapes were made of molded sugar using small custard cups for the shapes.  Then covered with fondant leaves after the shapes were dried.  The shiny middle piece was formed using pulled sugar.  I wanted it to be a blown bulb but that is something I need to learn first.  Instead, I pulled the candy and wrapped it continuously into a cone shape then expanded it from the inside to give a somewhat bulb like shape.  The scrolls are royal icing.  The shade is cake iced in buttercream.  Areas were brushed in super gold luster dust and the entire lamp airbrushed for shading in brown.  This is completely edible from base to top with the exception of the acrylic plate that the cake rested on, the threaded post up the center and the nuts and washers that were between each section. 

Truly Originals!

Red Checked CakeContributed by: Becky R. (Avon, Ohio)Chainsaw Cake

I would like to submit these pictures for your gallery.  The red checked cake is done in a homemade chocolate wrap using a stencil. The second cake is a sculpted chain saw, using chocolate for the handles and accents.  It is covered in fondant.  The log section is iced in buttercream. Thank you. Becky Rink  Editors Note: Check out Becky's Web Site>  About the Cake specializes in creating delicious and delightful treats to compliment your event.

Chocolate Roses in a Florists Box

Chocolate Roses in a Florist BoxContributed by: Margi C. (Elizabethton, TN)

I am just learning to do fondant and sugarcraft. I made this cake for my daughter as a congratulatory gift for opening her own business. I made a strawberry cake in a square pan and cut the cake in half, arranging it lengthwise. I covered it with rolled buttercream icing. I put it in a florists box on top of florists paper. Then I arranged my chocolate roses and leaves to look like a bouquet of a dozen roses. The girls at the flower shop wrapped a big red bow around the box and put a florist tag on top. My daughter thought I was bringing her a dozen roses...well...IT WAS!!                     

Cakes and More Cakes!

Contributed by: Nancy Jo T. (Anderson, SC)

Here are some cakes I have done since really getting into the decorating hobby. The first one I did was The Ladybug. I copied an idea I saw for some cupcakes. I did red icing and cut out black fondant circles for the spots. The trouble was the antennae which I finally made with pipe cleaners. It is hard to find black licorice.

The SpongeBob cupcakes were in the Wilton Yearbook. The Tennis Cake I made up myself. I just made an oval on the computer and printed it out and traced it onto the iced cake. I used a Wilton ball pan to add the tennis ball on top.
 Snake CakeThe snake cake was fun to make but boy did it take some time!!! This one was for my secretary's son who only wanted a "bugs and snakes cake." I got the instructions for the snake from a book and then added the other stuff. To make the snake cake, I made one circle layer and then cut it in half and moved the halves to look like an "S" then I cut out the centers and put those two pieces together at the end to make the head. I then covered in fondant. I put the snake cake on a cake board and then trimmed it and put it on top of the sheet cake. I then used brown sugar to make it look like dirt and then I added the gummy bugs that I made from a Wilton kit.
The violet cake is a pound cake made in a molded pan. I used a mixture of powdered sugar and water to make thin icing that IPound Cake colored and then "painted" on the flowers.
I hope this gives others some good ideas. I have to say that I am not very creative so I have to copy other people's ideas, so I wanted to share these.

Diane's Sweet Treats

Diane's Sweet Treats CakeContributed by: Diane B. (Newington CT)

Hi - I'd like to share a cake I did recently - I was so pleased with how this turned out!  It was a single layer sheet cake, frosted in buttercream.  I then used an impression mat for the quilted look, and made all the accessories from fondant.  The letters were done using a candy mold and fondant; I then brushed the letters with luster dust. This was for a first time customer, and she was very pleased! Thanks for letting me share! Diane Burke, Newington CT  Editors Note: A great source of literally hundreds of cake photos is Diane's WebShots web site, here>