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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876


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Custom Made Candy And Soap Molds

If you need a custom made mold, you've come to the right place!


Starting with a picture, sketch, an actual item, or just the idea you want a mold for, a custom mold can be made.What we do is have the factory make a metal mold of that item. The plastic mold you use is formed from (the cavity of) the metal mold. The metal (master) mold is kept at the factory, but since you paid for it, no molds can be made/sold from it for anyone but you.


Basic costs are outlined below. Once you have made a basic decision about what you want, you should contact or call Candyland Crafts 1- 877- 487- 4289 (Toll Free) so your requirements can be clearly understood, any details about the mold, art work, costs and timing can be finalized, and any other questions or concerns answered.


Artwork: We require black and white camera ready artwork.

Mold Size: 8" x 10"

Single cavity master molds start at:    $350

Add for additional cavities of the same design:     $10 per cavity


Example: A 6 cavity baby rattle mold would be $350 ($300 for the basic 1 cavity, plus $50 for the additional 5 cavities)

Minium 12 molds with order @ $2.50 ea.

Re-order of custom molds: 6 mold minimum @ $2.50 ea.