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Cotton Gloves

Decorator Gloves

Use decorator gloves to keep your hands clean, in the kitchen.

Easy to slip on, gloves fit either hand.


Cake Decorating: Eliminates icing color stains on hands.


Candy Making: Keeps fingerprints off chocolate.


Food Prep: Chop jalapeno peppers, onions & garlic and keep hands odor free.


Reduce Contamination: Reduce risk of bacteria and germs.


Saves Your Hands: Nails & hands stay beautiful.

Cotton Gloves

Inexpensive, reusable, one size fits all. Snow White

(CK80-1145)    $1.59   2 pc.     Yes:  Qty:


Large Polyethylene Gloves

Powder free, single use, Great for filling. Clear.

(P6003)           $8.99  100pc.   Yes:  Qty: