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Duerr Golden Electra Series Boxes

Over 70 boxes designed for specific molds

Ideal packaging for your chocolate masterpieces!

Golf Duerr Box.


Bakers Duerr Box.


Wine Duerr Box.



Whether you are planning for a birthday party, family get together, holiday celebration, retirement or a business know this will make it a more memorable and fun occasion.


Simply mold your chocolate and then transfer it to these gold trays, which then fit snugly into an appropriately colored box with a clear lid for optimum display. Both trays and lids are F.D.A. approved.


Over 70 molds with matching boxes to choose from in the categories listed below. Simply click on the area of your interest for product details, pictures and ordering information.

Links for Designer Boxes

Page 1 - Animals, Baby, Dads & Moms
Page 2 - Fruits & Flowers, Jobs
Page 3 -  Kids, Letters & Numbers
Page 4 - Miscellaneous, Nautical
Page 5 - Sports
Page 6 - Holidays

Great Candy Boxes for Every Occasion

Standard - No Windows These are premium boxes, mostly 1 piece. Available from 2 9/16" x 1 5/16" x 1 1/4" Mini's to 3 lb. capacity 11 1/4" x 7 3/8" x 2"
Window & Special These are premium candy boxes. Most have see-thru windows. Also included here are boxes with bows, and specials like totes, mint candy boxes & popcorn boxes.
Duerr Golden Electra Series Boxes We offer over 65 boxes that are specifically designed to accommodate candy molded from specific candy molds. Both the molds and the matching boxes are presented together for your convenience.
Molded Fancy Candy Boxes Page 1 Boxes have molded inserts for 12, 18 or 24 candy pieces. & clear plastic lids. Boxes are designed for: Bon-bons, #3 and #4 candy cups. There is also a fancy plastic box & a greeting card box.
Molded Fancy Boxes Page 2 Boxes designed for Oreo cookies, Strawberries and dipped pretzels. Can also be used for other candies as well. Boxes have clear lids.

Holiday Candy Boxes

Halloween Boxes Available 9/1 thru 10/31          Thanksgiving   Available 9/1 thru Thanksgiving.

Christmas Boxes  Available 10/1 thru 12/25       Valentine Candy Boxes Available 1/2 thru 2/15.

Easter Candy Boxes    Available 2/1 thru Easter.