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Edible Glitter

Add color & pizzazz to your creative cake

and candy masterpieces!

Chocolate High Heel Shoe with Gold Glitter


Chocolate High Heel Shoes (above) are made from 3D Molds D-55a & D-55b and sprinkled with

Red & Gold Non-Metallic Glitter. Click either image for a close up.


Comes in 16 different colors. Use for cakes, cookies, cup cakes, ice cream and more.

A terrific way to stencil or highlight messages, or emphasize images and borders on treats!

Edible Glitter is Non-Metallic (unless marked) and comes in 1/4 oz. bottles:  Only $2.19 ea.

1 oz. sizes are a great value - 20% less/oz.

Click description for color      Or      Click here to see all colors

Non-Metallic - Colors available in 1/4 oz. size only

Black            1/4 oz.    (CK-600K)     $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Brown               1/4 oz.  (CK-6003)     $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Burgundy    1/4 oz.     (CK-6004)     $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Emerald            1/4 oz.  (CK-6005)     $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Lavender     1/4 oz.    (CK-600L)     $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Light Blue         1/4 oz.  (CK-6006)     $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Multi-color   1/4 oz.    (CK-600M)    $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Orange              1/4 oz.  (CK-6007)     $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Pink              1/4 oz.    (CK-600P)     $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Yellow                1/4 oz.   (CK-600Y)   $2.19 Yes:Qty:

Non-Metallic - Colors available in 1/4 oz. and 1 oz sizes

Blue                  1/4 oz.    (CK--600B)   $2.19 Yes:Qty:

1 oz.            (CK-601B)       $6.99     Yes:Qty:

Gold                  1/4 oz.    (CK-600D)    $2.19 Yes:Qty:

1 oz.            (CK-601D)       $6.99     Yes:Qty:

Green               1/4 oz.    (CK-600G)    $2.19 Yes:Qty:

1 oz.            (CK-601G)       $6.99     Yes:Qty:

Red                  1/4 oz.     (CK-600R)    $2.19 Yes:Qty:

1 oz.            (CK-601R)       $6.99     Yes:Qty:

Silver                1/4 oz.     (CK-6008)    $2.19 Yes:Qty:

1 oz.            (CK-6018)        $6.99     Yes:Qty:

White               1/4 oz.     (CK-600W)   $2.19 Yes:Qty:

1 oz.           (CK-601W)       $6.99     Yes:Qty:

White           is also available in a 4 oz. size.    (CK-604W) $27.09  Yes: Qty:

Metallic Silver & Gold Edible Glitter

Metallic Gold   (CK78-620G) 1.5 oz. $9.99  Yes:Qty:

Metallic Silver  (CK78-620S) 1.5 oz. $9.99  Yes:Qty:

Shaped Edible Accents (Glitter)
Gold Star Edible Glitter.

Gold Star Edible Accents

0.06 oz.   $5.99   (703-200)  Yes:Qty:

Sliver Star Edible Glitter.

Silver Star Edible Accents

0.06 oz.    $5.99  (703-201)  Yes:Qty:

Gold Hearts Edible Glitter.

Gold Hearts Edible Accents

0.06 oz.   $5.99   (703-203)  Yes:Qty:

Silver Hearts Edible Glitter.

Silver Hearts Edible Accents

0.06 oz.    $5.99  (703-204)  Yes:Qty:

Pink Hearts Edible Glitter.

Pink Hearts Edible Accents

0.06 oz.   $5.99   (703-205)  Yes:Qty:

Sprinkle on drinks for twinkling toasts!

Thousands of pieces in every jar!



Glitter is sold by weight, not volume.

Because individual flakes of glitter vary in size, and glitter can be made denser as a result of handling/shipping, Containers will not all be at the same height...........please remember that the net weight of each container is the same.


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