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Graduation Cupcake Papers and Stands

Make all your Desserts shine like your Graduate!

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Mini Papers Measures 1 1/4" Diameter.             Standard Graduation Cupcake Papers Measure 2" Diameter

Mini graduation cupcake papers.


Graduation Cap

Pkg./100   $2.09



Brite color graduation smiley cupcake papers.

Standard Smiley

75 per pkg.   $2.09

(415-0978) Yes: Sold Out

Congrats Grad standard cupcake papers.


"Congrats Grad"

75 per pkg.   $2.09

(415-2973) Yes: Sold Out

"Way 2 Go" Graduation cupcake papers.

Standard Way 2 Go!

75 per pkg.    $2.09


Yes: Sold Out

Gray, white and black cupcake papers.


75 per pkg.   $2.09



Standard graduation cupcake combo pack.

Congrats Grad

Combo Pack

24 standard cups

24 - 3" picks (415-2974)

$2.29 Yes: Sold Out

Grad cupcake wraps.

Grad Cupcake Wraps

12 wrappers,12 cap picks.

For standard cupcakes.


$5.69 Yes:Qty:

Graduation double sided cupcake wraps.

Double Sided

Cupcake Wraps

Fits standard size cupcakes.

12 per pkg. (BC-WR-620)

$3.95  Yes:Qty:

Assorted cupcake papers.

Assorted Cupcake Papers

Fantastic colors for any graduation. Gold, silver, black and white. Standard size. Value pack, 150 per pkg.

(415-2872)  $4.99  Yes:Qty:

Graduation cupcake decorating kit.

Cupcake Decorating Kit

Includes 24 cupcake papers, 24 picks, 3" tall. 1 oz. candy stars. Makes 12 cupcakes

(415-2975)   $5.99 Yes: Sold Out

Graduation cupcake combo kit.

Cupcake Decorating Kit

Includes 24 cupcake papers, 12 picks, 3" tall. 0.35 oz. candy eyes. Makes 12 cupcakes

(415-0818)   $5.99   Yes:Qty:

Graduation cupcake / treat stand.

Graduation Cupcake / Treat Stand

A terrific stand for all kinds of graduation treats. Stand measures approximately 12" diameter x 16 1/2" tall. Stand is very colorful. Bottom is red, middle is blue and the top is yellow. All three tiers have a black boarder with white, green, orange, yellow, blue and red stars. Instructions included.

(AM-140030)   Discontinued

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