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Halloween Confetti and Confetti Sets!

Brighten up your creations with cute and spooky tasty shapes.


available 9/1 through 10/31.

Looking for Halloween sugars, sprinkles and nonpareils?

Click image for larger view.


Little edible sugar shapes.

Make all your desserts festive, and tasty too!


3 oz. containers   $2.09


10 oz. containers   $6.19


Need everyday confetti?

Bat Confetti



3 oz   Yes: Qty:



10 oz   Yes: Qty:

Pumpkin Confetti



3 oz   Yes: Qty:



10 oz   Yes: Qty:

Ghost Confetti



3 oz   Yes: Qty:



10 oz   Yes:Qty:

Pumpkins, Ghosts and Bats Confetti

Pumpkins, Ghosts & Bats


3 oz   Yes: Qty: 



10 oz   Yes: Qty:

Small Round Halloween Color Confetti.

Small Circles


3 oz   Yes: Qty: 



10 oz   Yes: Qty:

Colorful Leaves Confetti

Colorful Leaves


3 oz   Yes: Qty:



10 oz   Yes: Qty:

Cat Confetti



3 oz   Yes: Qty:



10 oz   Yes:Qty:

Mini Pumpkin Confetti

Mini Pumpkins


3 oz   Yes: Qty:



10 oz   Yes: Qty:

Jumbo Confetti Circles. Halloween Colors.

Jumbo Circles

(CON-JRH)  $1.75

2.5 oz   Yes: Qty:


(CON-1JRH)  $5.49

8 oz   Yes: Qty:

Bones Confetti.

Halloween Bones

Very cute. Use them for decorating cupcakes,

cakes candy, brownies and more. 3.53 oz container.

(710-1053)      $4.49    Discontinued

Bloody Bones Confetti.Halloween Bloody Bones


Use them for decorating cupcakes, cakes candy, brownies and more. 3.5 oz container.

(710-2053)      $4.49    Yes: Qty:

Black and White Skull Confetti.Skull Confetti


Black and white Skull Confetti. 3.5 oz.


(710-2115)       $4.49  Yes: Qty:

Orange Pumpkin Confetti.Pumpkin Confetti


Cute orange pumpkin confetti. 3.5 oz.


(710-2114)       $4.49   Yes: Qty:

Black and Green Bug Confetti.Bug Confetti


Black and lime green bug confetti. 3.5 oz.


(710-2116)      $4.49     Yes: Qty:

Orange Sprinkles with Bat Confetti.Orange Sprinkles With Bat Confetti


A nice combination. 2.5 oz container. Use them for cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more!

(710-2057)       Yes: Qty:

Creepy Spooky Lab SetCreepy Spooky Lab Set

4 test tubes with lids. 1- Orange, black, and green sprinkles, 1.06 oz. 1- orange sugar, 1.41 oz . 1- bone confetti, 0.88 oz. 1 black and green sprinkles, 1.06 oz. Certified Kosher.

(710-1055)      $5.99   Yes: Qty:

Coffin Sprinkle Set.Coffin Sprinkle Set


Includes 1.76 oz. spider confetti, 2.12 oz. black sugar and 1.76 oz. skull confetti.


(710-2113)       $5.99   Yes: Qty:

6 Mix Sprinkle Set.Halloween 6-Mix Set

Contains 1.3 oz ea. of black, orange & purple sugar. 1.3 oz of orange & black nonpareils. 1 oz each of black, orange & white sprinkles and black, orange & purple sprinkles.

(710-685)         $5.99   Yes: Qty:

Halloween Sprinkle Set.Halloween Sprinkle Set

4 containers. 1- Orange sugar, 5.25 oz. 1- Hallow pumpkin mix, 3.75 oz. 1 - Black sugar, 5.25 oz. 1- Bat mix, 3.75 oz. A great combo set.

(710-1457)       $9.99   Yes: Qty:

Bat Mix Confetti Assortment.Bat Mix Confetti Assortment


Includes black bat confetti and orange sprinkles. 3.75 oz Certified Kosher.


(710-1454)      $3.29    Yes: Qty:

Hallow Pumpkin Mix.Hallow Pumpkin Mix


Purple, green, black & white jimmies with orange pumpkin confetti.2.5 oz.


(710-182)         $2.29   Yes: Qty:

Spider Confetti With Colored Sprinkles.Spider Sprinkle Mix

Orange & green sprinkles with black confetti spiders  2.5 oz

(710-0030)      $2.29   Yes: Qty:

Sprinkle on

cupcakes, cookies,

brownies, ice cream and more.



Carved Pumpkin Halloween Themed Cake & Candy Things Carved Pumpkin

Sale Halloween Baking Cups Discontinued baking/cupcake papers.

Sale Halloween Cookie Cutters  Discontinued cookie cutters. Really great designs!

Sale Halloween Party Bags  Discontinued bags for candy, cookies, brownies, favors & more.

Sale Halloween Picks  Discontinued cupcake and cake tops.

Bakeware  Shaped cake pans, mini pans and non-stick.

Silicone Bakeware  Petite and mini sizes.

Heavy Cast Aluminum Pans  3-D skulls, skeletons and pumpkins.

Cookie Pans  Mustaches, witch's and monster fingers, spooky eyes, bones and more

Cupcake Papers Standard  Standard size baking /cupcake papers.

Mini Cupcake papers  Mini size baking / muffin cups.

Shaped Paper Baking Cups  Bake cupcakes, muffins and more in shaped papers.

Cupcake Decorating Box Sets  Includes everything to make cute and scary cupcakes.

Cupcake Combo Packs  Sets have cups and picks for great looking Halloween cupcakes.

Bags  Party Bags. 4" x 9 1/2" and 5" x 11". Lots of festive designs.

Bags  Lollipops, pretzels, candy and shaped treat bags.

Boxes Treat boxes, assorted packaging for cookies candy and cupcakes. Candy foils.

Cake & Treat Pops  Cake pops presses, sticks and treat decorating sets.

Candy Making Kits  Great for first timers or for gift giving.

Candy Apple Sticks  Available year round.

Cookie Cutter Sets  3 Piece and 4 piece cookie cutter sets.

Cookie Cutters Single  Comfort grip and tinplated.

Cookie Things  Fondant cutter, mini sets, large cutter sets, make funny face sets and more.

Cupcake Picks  Lots of great designs! Can also be used for brownies and other treats.

Cupcake Rings & Cake Tops  Cupcake rings, and cake toppers.

Dessert Stands  Re-usable and disposable, snack trays bowls and cupcake dessert stands.

Edible Confetti & Sets   Confetti, and confetti sets.

Edible Sugars, Sprinkles & Nonpareil  Sanding, coarse and sparkling sugars. Jimmies and nonpareils.

Ice Molds  Small for single drinks and large for bowls of punch.

Icings and Colors  Ready made icings. Cookie icing, write on gels, edible markers, food and candy colors.

Wilton Candy Molds  Molds for candy, lollipops, pretzels and cookies.

Molds for Chocolate (or soap)  Available year round.

Shaped Icing Decorations  Hand made icing, and sugar decorations for decorating candy and cookies.

Shaped Wilton Icing Decorations  Pre-packaged icing decorations for decorating cupcakes and cookies.

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