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Hard Candy Index

A list of all the supplies needed for making hard candy
and links to get those supplies.


Candy Making Kits & Mixes   Hard  candy making kits and mixes from LorAnn Oils.

Food Colors   Strong, bright, vivid colors that are highly concentrated in a gel base. They blend faster and are easier with less mess. 36 different selections. Made by AmeriColor. Peanut free, tree nut free, gluten free, veagan and kosher.

Candy Thermometers   A must for making hard candy. Our most popular for making hard candy is the LorAnn candy thermometer.

How to Make Hard Candy   This is a good basic and easy recipe for starters. Illustrated guide, and instructions on how to make it. Also temperature control guidelines.


Isomalt  This is ready to use, just melt, add flavoring and your ready to pour.

Below is a list of categories for Hard Candy Molds

Animals     Baby/Graduation     Birthday/Nautical/Religious/Rounds     Christmas     Easter

Halloween/Thanksgiving     Sports/Transportation     Valentines     Miscellaneous/all other

Extra heavy duty (resin/silicone) hard candy lollipop and single cavity molds

Oils and Flavorings  These gourmet oils are highly concentrated, non-alcoholic and unsweetened. A tiny amount is all that's needed. Unlike diluted grocery store extracts, these LorAnnís super strength flavorings give optimum results with hard candy. Chose from over 70 flavors!

Packaging and Presentation

Cellophane Bags  Not just for hard candy! For bagging lollipops, pretzel rods & other candies.


Lollipop Sticks   Available in 4 1/2" up to 12" long. (Reminder: plastic sticks can not be used for hard candy.


Lollipop Racks  A popular way to display your creations. One comes in a white finish, and holds up to 69 lollipops. The other is the Wilton treat stand. Holds 18 treats.


4" x 9 1/2" Party Bags  A variety of colors and themes and have color coordinated twist ties included.


Character Theme Party Bags   This link will bring you to our character index. Simply click on the character you are interested in, and then you will find an array of products for that character.


Polyethylene Party Bags   These bags are clear and are available in 11 different sizes.


Ribbon   Curling ribbon available in 41 terrific colors. Raffia available in 12 fashionable colors.


Twisting Wax Paper Sheets  Is made for twisting around hard candy, taffy, chocolates and more. Paper stays flat until you twist it, and once twisted, it stays that way.


Wrapping Foils These are extra thin foils for wrapping pieces of candy. 14 brilliant colors, in 3 different sizes to choose from.

Also available

7 Page Hard Candy Mold Flyer (with detailed illustrations for 139 molds) for $1.50

Shipping Included

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The Hard Candy Mold Flyer is also available (no charge) on line. To view/print a hard copy:

Click here Hard Candy Molds

NOTE: You need Adobe Acrobat for viewing/printing.

If you don't have it you can get a free download here> Adobe Acrobat