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Icing Colors Spectrum Gels

Spectrum: Gel Base Icing Colors

Concentrated colors for achieving the perfect color

"Nut Free and Gluten Free"


Gel colors have a viscosity that offer the convenience of a pourable product and makes it easy to duplicate shades. They are concentrated gels that help you create the exact shade you want without watering down your icings. Gel colors will not breakdown buttercream or non dairy icings like some liquid colors.


Using just a small amount produces a deep & rich color . 3/4 oz. bottles

(Please note that colors can vary due to computer monitors)

Super black color.        AT-10101        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Royal blue color.        AT-10102        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Sky blue color.        AT-10103        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

        AT-10104        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Lemon yellow color.        AT-10107        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Forest green color.        AT-10109        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Leaf green color.        AT-10111        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Orange color.        AT-10113        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Deep pink color.        AT-10114        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Dusty rose color.        AT-10115        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Burgundy color.        AT-10118        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Super red color.         AT-10120         $2.09 Yes: Qty:

Violet color.        AT-10122        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Tulip red color.        AT-10123        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Bright white color.        AT-10126        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Avocado color.        AT-10129        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Navy blue color.        AT-10134        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Gold color.        AT-10135        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Electric blue color.        AT-10160        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Electric yellow color.        AT-10161        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Electric green color.        AT-10162        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Electric orange color.        AT-10163        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Electric pink color.        AT-10164        $2.09    Yes:Qty:

Electric purple color.        AT-10165        $2.09    Yes:Qty:



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A frequently asked question,

What about blending colors to match a special shade I'm looking for??

Not a problem! Click BELOW to see some possibilities