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Wilton Gel Base Icing Colors

Using just a small amount produces a deep & rich color

Be confident in your decorating!

It's a great feeling to know that any decorating project you begin will turn out perfectly...........

  If you want the deepest richest colors possible you need to start with a quality icing color.

 Wilton's concentrated gel formula lets you create the exact shade you want without watering down your icings. Using just a small amount produces a deep and rich color. certified Kosher.

 1 oz. vial  $2.29 ea.

NOTE: Actual colors may vary from those viewed on a computer monitor

Wilton Food ColorCreamy Peach  Creamy Peach      (610-210)  $2.29      Yes: Qty:

Wilton Food Color Buttercup Yellow  Buttercup Yellow     (610-216)  $2.29      Yes:Qty:

Wilton Food Color No-Taste Red  Red No-Taste          (610-998)  $2.29     Yes:Qty:

Wilton Food Color Rose Rose                       (610-401)  $2.29     Yes:Qty:

Wilton Food Color Delphinium Blue  Delphinium Blue       (610-228)  $2.29     Yes:Qty:

Wilton Food Color Cornflower Blue   Cornflower Blue        (610-710)  $2.29     Yes:Qty:

Wilton Food Color Teal Teal                        (610-207)  $2.29     Yes:Qty:

Wilton Food Color Kelly Green  Kelly Green             (610-752) $2.29      Yes:Qty:

Wilton Food Color Moss Green Moss Green             (610-851) $2.29      Yes:Qty:

Wilton Food Color Juniper Green Juniper Green          (610-234)  $2.29      Yes:Qty:



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A frequently asked question What about blending colors to match a special shade I'm looking for?? Not a problem!  Here's a couple of possibilities Icing Color Blending


For a more extensive and detailed exploration of Color Blending see "Food Color - Info/Tips"

for a basic color wheel and some good color decorating tips or the Color Chart

which gives specific formulas for 26 unique shades.