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Shaped Icing Decorations

Perfect size for cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies and more!

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They are great for cupcakes, cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream and more.

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Letters and Numbers Icing Decorations.

Letters & Numbers

(710-2734)   $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Happy Birthday Icing Decorations.

Happy Birthday

(710-2735)   $2.29

Yes: Qty:


(710-0229)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Dancing Daisies Icing Decorations.

Dancing Daisies

(710-353)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Pirates and Flags Icing Decorations.

Pirates & Flags

(710-0128)  $2.29


Zebra Print Hearts and Flowers Icing Decorations.

Zebra Print

(710-0126)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Designer Hearts Icing Decorations.

Designer Hearts

(710-1079)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Crowns and Hearts Icing Decorations.


(710-0127)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

All Star Sports Icing Decorations.

All Star

(710-1080)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Baseball Mitt Icing Decorations.

Baseball Mitt

(710-475)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Soccer Ball Icing Decorations.

Soccer Ball

(710-477)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Football Icing Decorations.


(710-478)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Assorted Size Hearts Icing Decorations.

Assorted Hearts

(710-824)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:


(710-1404)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

Shamrock Icing Decorations.


(710-286)  $2.29

Yes: Qty:

The following

icing decorations

are harder.

More like

gum paste.

Flower Icing Decorations.

Talking Bubbles

(710-2218)  $5.99

Yes: Qty:

Includes edible marker

Butterfly Wings Icing Decorations.


Butterfly Wings

(710-7160)  $5.99

Yes: Qty:

Bear with gum drop icing decorations.

Bear With Gumdrop

(710-2914)  $5.99

Yes: Qty:

Monkey holding a banana icing decorations.

Monkey With Banana

(710-6671)  $5.99

Yes: Qty:

Celebrate Icing Decorations.


(710-1076)  $5.99

On Sale $4.99

Yes: Qty:



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