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Patriotic Icings, Sprays, Gels and Decorations.

Great for cookies, cakes and desserts!

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Red, White and Blue Tube Icing.

Wilton Tube Icings

Ready to use in a convenient tube. Use with tip set (below). Makes decorating easy and no mixing colors.

Red (704-218) $2.29 ea. Yes:Qty:                   White (704-200) $2.29 ea. Yes:Qty:

Royal Blue  (704-248) $2.29 ea. Yes: Qty:

Need Other Colors of Tube Icing?

Tip Set. Use With Tube Icing.

Tip Set


Tips easily twist onto Wilton tube icings to create many decorating techniques. Includes Star, Round, Leaf & Petal tips.

(418-621)      $2.19      Yes:Qty:

Color Mist Spray. Red and Blue.

Color Mist Sprays

This easy to use spray gives decorators the effects of an air brush in a convenient can. Great for anything you can think of to give it a little or a lot of color. 1.5 oz. Certified Kosher.

Red (710-5500) $3.79 ea. Yes:Qty:         Blue(710-5501)$3.79 ea. Yes:Qty:

Need Other Color Sprays?

Sparkle Gel. Red, White and Blue.

Sparkle Gel

Squeeze on sparkling color effects with this really cool gel! Works great for writing, accents on fondant, butter cream and even chocolate.

Red (704-112) $2.99 Yes:Qty:                  White (704-107) $2.99 Yes: Qty:

Blue (704-110) $2.99 Yes:Qty:

Need Other Sparkle gels?

Piping Gel Tubes. Red, White and Blue.

Piping Gel

A transparent gel that can be used on cakes, ice cream and cookies. Simply snip off the tip & use. Tubes are 1 1/2 oz. ea.

Red (CK77-2550) $2.09 ea. Yes:Qty:            White (CK77-2245) $2.09 ea. Yes:Qty:

Sky Blue (CK77-2272) $2.09 ea. Yes:Qty:

Need Other Color Gels?

Cookie Icing. Red, White and Blue.

Cookie Icing

Quick setting microwavable icing covers cookies with a shiny finish. Just heat and squeeze onto cookies using the convenient cap. Sets smooth in just 45 minuites.10 oz. bottle covers approx. 12 cookies, 3" diameter. Certified Kosher. 10 oz. containers.

Red (704-488) $4.99 Yes:Qty:                        White (704-481) $4.99 Yes:Qty:

Blue (704-444) $4.99 Yes:Qty:

After cookies dry, decorate with Icing Writers or Edible Markers

Sugar flags.

Sugar Flags

Approx. 1"   6 per Pkg. $1.39

(L-40186) Yes:Qty:

Red, white and blue sugar stars.

Sugar Stars

Approx. 7/8"   6 per pkg. $1.19

(L-9713)  Yes:Qty:

Stars and stripes sugar stars.

Sugar Stars

Approx. 1 3/4"   4 per pkg. $2.09

(L-21538) Yes:Qty:

Red, white and blue sugar stars.

Sugar Stars

Approx. 1 3/4"   4 per pkg. $2.09

(L-48134) Yes:Qty:

Small sugar starsSugar Stars

Approx. 7/8"   6 per pkg. $1.19

(L-41151)  Yes: Qty:


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