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Patriotic Edible Decorations

Confetti, Sprinkles/Jimmies, Nonpareils

Sprinkle on cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, ice cream and more!

Red, White and Blue Star Confetti

Red, White and Blue Stars Confetti                      (CON-SRB)              3 oz.          $2.09        Yes:Qty:

Red, White and Blue Stars Confetti                      (CON-1SRB)            10 oz.         $6.19        Yes:Qty:

Red Jimmies / Sprinkles.

Red Jimmies                                                         (JIM-RED)               4 oz.           $2.19        Yes:Qty:

Red Jimmies                                                      (JIM-RED1)             12 oz.          $5.19        Yes:Qty:

White Jimmies / Sprinkles.

White Jimmies                                                     (JIM-WHI)                4 oz.           $2.19        Yes:Qty:

White Jimmies                                                     (JIM-WHI1)              12 oz.          $5.19        Yes:Qty:

Blue Jimmies / Sprinkles.

Blue Jimmies                                                       (JIM-BLU)                4 oz.           $2.19        Yes:Qty:

Blue Jimmies                                                        (JIM-BLU1)             12 oz.          $5.19        Yes:Qty:

Red, White and Blue Jimmies / Sprinkles.

Red, White & Blue Jimmies                                  (JIM-RWB)              4 oz.           $2.19        Yes:Qty:

Red, White & Blue Jimmies                                   (JIM-RWB1)           12 oz.          $5.19        Yes:Qty:

Red Nonpareils.

Red Nonpareils                                                     (NON-RED)             5.5 oz.        $2.19        Yes:Qty:

Red Nonpareils                                                     (NON-RED1)          16 oz.          $5.19        Yes:Qty:

White Nonpareils

White Nonpareils                                                  (NON-WHI)              5.5 oz.        $2.19        Yes:Qty:

White Nonpareils                                                 (NON-WHI1)            16 oz.         $5.19        Yes: Qty:

Blue Nonpareils.

Blue Nonpareils                                                   (NON-BLU)              5.5 oz.        $2.19        Yes: Qty:

Blue Nonpareils                                                   (NON-BLU1)            16 oz.         $5.19        Yes: Qty:

Red, White and Blue Nonpareils.

Red, White & Blue Nonpareils                              (NON-RWB)            5.5 oz.        $2.19        Yes: Qty:

Red, White & Blue Nonpareils       ;                       (NON-RWB1)          16 oz.         $5.19        Yes: Qty:

Patriotic Themed Products

Bakeware and Cookie Cutters

Baking Cups, Stands & Bags


Cake Tops, Picks & Rings

Candy and Craft Molds

Confetti, Sprinkles, Jimmies and Nonpareils

Tube Icings, Write-On Gels and Shaped Icings

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Patriotic Products are available year round.