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 St. Patrick's Day Bakeware, Colors and Baking Cups

Cakes and Cupcakes, what a way to celebrate!


Items with an *asterisk available Feb.1st thru March 17th

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Shamrock Cake Pan (Links to larger image)

Shamrock Pan

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this fun shamrock, a symbol of luck and joy. Great for birthday parties, family gatherings and more. Aluminum. Pan measures approximately  13" diameter x 2" deep. Pan takes approx. 1 cake mix or approx. 5 cups of batter. Also great for brownies or a large cookie.

(2105-185)      $9.99        Yes:Qty:

Silicone Mini Shamrock Pan.

Mini Silicone Shamrock Pan

Give all your friends a tasty shamrock treat! Each measures approx. 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" deep. Microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe up to 500 F. One mix makes approx. 20 to 24 mini shamrocks. Also can be used for brownies, flavored ice and chocolate.

(2105-1286)    $9.99       Yes:Qty:

Silicone shot glass pan.

Silicone Shot Glass Mold

Make your own shot glass out of ice, chocolate, gelatin, cookie dough, rice crispy treats and more with this fun pan. The possibilities are endless. Cleanup is easy, because your guests can eat their glasses. Place mold on level cookie sheet for easy positioning and removal from oven, refrigerator or freezer. When baking, spray baking surface with non-stick spray. Silicone mold is heat resistant to 500°F and can also withstand changes to temperature, such as moving from freezer directly to oven. Dishwasher safe.

(570-0118)      $7.99        Yes:Qty:

Food Colors. St. Patricks Day Colors. St. Patrick's Day Food Colors: Use a tooth pick to remove color from jar. Colors are concentrated and will get about two to three shades darker after they set. All $2.29 ea.

Mint Green          (CH-7334)     Yes:Qty:

Leaf Green    (CH-7330)    Yes: Qty:

Forest Green       (CH-7328)     Yes:Qty:

Kelly Green      (710-752)     Yes: Qty:

Baking cups - Microwave safe

Mini Baking Cups: 1 1/4" diameter x  7/8" high 

Standard Size: 2" diameter x 1 1/4" high

Mini shamrock shower baking cup.

Mini Shamrock Shower Baking Cups

100 per pkg.  (415-1068)

$2.09   On Sale $1.00


Mini St. Patrick's Day baking cup.

*Mini St. Patty's Day Baking Cups

100 per pkg.  (415-0603)

$2.09   On Sale $1.00


Mini St. Patty's Day Baking Cups.

*Mini St. Patty's Day Baking Cups

100 per pkg.

(415-2059)          $2.09

Yes: Qty:

Mini shamrock baking cup.

Mini Shamrock Baking Cups

100 per pkg.

(415-1411)          $2.09

Yes: Qty:

Standard Green Baking Cups

100 per pkg.

(CK85-31945)          $2.69

Yes: Qty:

Standard St. Patty's Day Baking Cups

75 per pkg.   (415-0602)

$2.09   On Sale $1.00


*Shamrock Combo Pack

24 standard baking cups.

24 double sided picks.

(AM-140018)          $3.09

Yes: Qty:

*St. Patty's Day Party Pack

24 standard baking cups.

24 double sided picks.

(415-0604)          $2.29

Yes: Qty:

*Leprechaun Cupcake Decorating Kit

Includes 12 hat picks, 3" long.

24 standard baking cups

0.35 oz. white candy eyes

(415-2061)  $5.99   Yes: Qty:



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St. Patrick's Day candy and Cake Supplies

St. Patrick's Day Bakeware  Pans, food colors and cupcake papers and combo packs.

St. Patrick's Day Edible Decorations  Sprinkles, confetti and nonpareils.

St. Patrick's Day Icings  Icing for cakes and cookies, ready made sugar and icing decorations.

St. Patrick's Day Molds  Candy molds. From bite size to lollipops and larger pieces.

St. Patrick's Day Party Cutters  Cookie cutters.

St. Patrick's Day Packaging  Shamrock bags, ribbons and twist ties.

St. Patrick's Day Toppers  Cake tops, cup cake picks and rings